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Thread: AC Ryan Lights Meltdown!

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    AC Ryan Lights Meltdown!


    I bought the AC Ryan TWIN30 CCFL Light - 2 x 30cm Blue from OCUK and installation was easy:

    Then I check the case just now and something was not right - it was as if they werent on.

    Opened up the case and found that the inverter had melted.

    Luckily I put it at the front of the case in the corner on its own so it didnt burn anything else. Really surprised this has happened. Is this the usual for inverters to burn out like this.

    Im going to return them, got them off OCUK, but I hope I dont have to pay delivery, they are only £5!

    Are there any safer alternatives to this make of cold cathode tube? This was the first time I was trying out AC Ryan and I think Im lucky that the thing melted itself rather than cause a fire and/or destroy the PSU...

    Also is it normal for one of the tubes to come without an end bit?

    Already posted this on the OCUK forums, but would like opinions of HEXUS members

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    Re: AC Ryan Lights Meltdown!

    That is unusual. Most be a 'bad one' as i have had one running for a very long time with no problems at all. Good luck with OcUK!!

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    Re: AC Ryan Lights Meltdown!

    I've had around a dozen sets and have only had one over heat like that, they are generally believed to be safe though, just bad luck as above.


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