Basic Blu-Ray and DLNA "compatible" media player.
Streams files from my LinkStation Live NAS and Serviio on my Linux server (doesn't like MythTV and Mediatomb may need tweaking to get it working.)
Plays the 720p-ish MKVs I've thrown at it fine, stuggles badly with 1080p versions (I've only tried some movie trailers available online and only on a 720p TV). Xvids and normal Freeview recordings from a Hauppauge card also seem to play fine.
I haven't had a chance to try playing films through either the Blu-Ray player or the USB storage device.

All-in-all seems like a nice, simple, media player for use in a (very) basic home entertainment setup or with a secondary television.

If there's any files people want me to try out, post a link and I'll attempt it.