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Thread: Welcome to the ECS ELITEGROUP Support forum

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    Welcome to the ECS ELITEGROUP Support forum

    Hello and welcome to the new ECS ELITEGROUP discussion and help forums at HEXUS!

    As a World Class manufacturer, ECS ELITEGROUP has officially joined the forums with the aim of having your pre-sales and customer service questions answered - and your opinions and product suggestions heard.

    It’s true that many of our customers have enjoyed the high-value mainboards which historically we’ve been famous for, however what some people may not be fully aware of is that ECS ELITEGROUP has a rich heritage of technical excellence that has been relied upon by many of our Tier 1 PC manufacturer customers – and it’s upon this strength which we’re now focused on doing our best to build upon.

    During the past few years we believe we’ve brought to market significantly improved products for the PC enthusiast – especially with our highly accredited ECS Extreme range.

    HEXUS has expertly covered most of these key products, which most recently include: -

    ECS ELITEGROUP EXTREME Series mainboards for AMD Athlon 64 & Athlon 64 FX Socket 939 processors – read more here

    ECS ELITEGROUP EXTREME Series mainboards for Intel Pentium 4 and Pentium 4 Extreme Edition Socket 775 processors – read more here

    We believe the results of HEXUS objective findings speak for themselves, but we want to do better - we really do - and we feel that one of the best ways we can achieve this is to work with our customers and readers at in listening to you, helping you with any technical queries and all with a view to understanding the key things which are important to you so that we can strive to deliver

    We hope you find the ECS ELITEGROUP discussion and help forum useful, and above all enjoyable, and my team and I look forward to hearing from you all

    Best regards,

    Jon E

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    when is the ECS RS480-M out?

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    Sorry blozza, I'm not sure you are refering to my post. If so... I cannot hear any tones, and only the keyboard, fans, power-on indicator, and hard disc led show any life. I get nothing on the monitor.
    Please forgive me if this post wasn't intended for john pittman.
    I am scrambling to get three systems prepared by the end of this week.(all for friends!)
    Thanks for your time.

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