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Thread: Odd Far Cry 1.4 mouse problem

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    Question Odd Far Cry 1.4 mouse problem

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone can think what might be wrong here.

    News system, Win XP Pro, Razer Diamondback mouse, Far Cry with 1.4 patch installed.

    Mouse works fine in the menus etc. Set game to 1680x1050 etc etc, start the game, mouse won't mouse look!?

    Really can't figure this one out as it works in the menus and I didn't think you could turn mouse look off?



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    i had this problem, its a problem with 1.4, simply reset the controls to default using the menu and it should resolve itself, weird but true

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    Same problem, just yesterday, felt like a little 'retro' gaming, still amazed how good it looks... SpawnofSonic is right, just set controls to default again. I also found that adjusting the sensitivity using the in-game controls was dodgy but luckily my G5 does that for me.
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