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Thread: No VGA Output From onboard VGA Port on a ECS RS482-M Motherboard

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    No VGA Output From onboard VGA Port on a ECS RS482-M Motherboard


    I have recently purchased a second hand ECS RS482-M Motherboard from a EBAY Seller and my problem is this :-

    I dont have any output from the onboard VGA port. My Power Supply is the ATX Verision 1.0 500 Watt and it has a 20 Pin Connector and a small 4 Pin Connector (This power supply works OK in my other PC which uses a 20 Pin Power Connector). I have plugged the 20 Pin connector into the 24 Pin Power Socket on the board but not the small 4 pin connector as I am not sure if the pin outs are correct. When I turn the PC on the fan starts up but the amber light on my monitor which is a Compaq 17" CRT Monitor (This works OK on my other PCs) does not go green and does not switch on thus I dont get any boot up screen.

    I have read somewhere on the internet that my power suppply mat not have a PWR_OK connector on my power supplu which if i have read it correctly means theat the motherboard is always in reset mode.

    What can I do to get a display on my monitor?

    Hope you can help me or send me amy inforation you may have to solve my problem


    Wayne Aston

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    Re: No VGA Output From onboard VGA Port on a ECS RS482-M Motherboard

    Hi there,

    Sounds to me you dont have the power plugged in correctly.

    Look at the above image should be your mother board. The 4 pin connector you have often refered to as the P4_Aux power, should plug into where I have marked a 1 on the picture.

    Where I have marked 2 is where your 20 pin atx power plugs into.

    After that if you get no joy make sure you have reset the bios, as it may be set to initialise the PCI-E slot first.

    Hope that helps.

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