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Thread: News - Intel's semiconductor market share hits 10-year high

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    News - Intel's semiconductor market share hits 10-year high

    Good times for chipzilla.
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    Re: News - Intel's semiconductor market share hits 10-year high

    Hate to nitpick, but the 20.6% in the table isn't change in market share, it's growth in revenue. As it happens, if you want to work out Intel's change in share it comes out to ~ 19% (so not far off), but I'm not convinced that's a worthwhile metric, tbh - it'd be fairer to say Intel increased their market share by 2.5% - i.e. from 13.1% to 15.6%

    It's probably also worth noting that Intel's 15% "market share" is share of market revenue - I suspect if you looked at units shipped it might come out somewhat different Intel (relatively) sells a lot of high revenue parts.
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