So, i've got my Asus Z77 V-pro (thanks scan), and this is the first time that i've set up a board without IDE.

I've 2x500GB WD RE4's which i'd like to have in AID0 as my data drive
A Crucial M4 128Gb which will be my OS drive.
and i'm going to have to get a sata ODD of some kind.

So the asmedia 6G ports can't take ODD's
So the plan is to install the crucial on the intel 6G's and the WD's on the 3G's and the ODD on one of the 3G's

If I did that and raided the WD's would the optical still work (I can't see that it wouldn't as you have to have an ODD and having the use of raid stopping the use of an ODD seems wrong?) would the crucial still have trim functioning, as it wouldn't be in the array.

I'm waiting for the 3570K so I can't just test it as I don't have an 1155 CPU to hand.