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Thread: EHCI handoff

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    EHCI handoff

    Hello all

    Im having a few issues with a logitech g19 keyboard

    After a bit of research it look like I may have found a way to get it running as it best

    This is the text from the logitech forum

    Certain motherboards have problems when there is a a device using EHCI (USB 2.0) when certain processor or northbridge intensive tasks are being conducted. These issues tend to not appear when the system is running at a low-bandwidth state. We've only received reports on the 790i and x58 motherboards. We have received reports that disabling EHCI handoff, which is beneficial in Vista and Windows 7 anyways, appears to resolve this issue on x58s
    I dont understand this tech talk
    Can anyone provide instructions on how to disbale this EHCI
    Will turning this function off give me more problems than the one im trying to fix

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    Re: EHCI handoff

    Hi Recon

    The EHCI handoff controls USB 2 functionality

    It can be disabled in the Bios in the USB section but you will get warned that the USB devices you plug in like flash drives etc will work better in a USB 2.0 port..

    Let us know how you get on, I am using a Logitech G15 on my gaming rig which is the Evga X58 LE I have the old G15 and have never seen this issue so it looks like it is only down to the G19....



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