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Thread: vauhall astra electrical problem

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    vauhall astra electrical problem

    i was wondering if anyone can help im having electriacl problems with a 2004 vauxhall astra 1.7cdti and wondered if anyone could help. whats happening is from time to time (sometimes nearly all the time) the electrics cut out for a few seconds then come on again. when i say the electrics i mean stereo, power steering, dashboard, headlights everything. if anyone can shed some light on the matter it would be greatley appreciated

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    Re: vauhall astra electrical problem

    First let me welcome you to Hexus . I would hazard a guess that you had a problem either with the main earth or with the battery but if you post this in the General section under car's and bikes or Pit Stop you may find someone there that can give you some more info . Cheers.

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