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Thread: Nf-m2 Dvi Problem

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    Nf-m2 Dvi Problem

    Hi I've another problem I hope someone could help me solve.

    I'm trying to connect my nf-m2 to my lcd hdtv's DVI pc input but I cannot get a picture at all on the lcd using a DVI-D single link cable which was included with the tv.
    I can get a picture if I use the VGA to DVI cable which was also included with the tv by connecting from the nf-m2's VGA (D-Sub) out. I can also get a picture on an old VGA monitor by using a DVI to D-Sub adaptor by connecting from the nf-m2's DVI output.

    So I'm wondering do I need a different DVI cable like a DVI-D dual link type or does the nf-m2 not output a digital signal from DVI but only an analogue one (DVI-A)?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated as always, thankyou.

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    • Dreaming's system
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      • Abit IP35 Pro
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      • e6300 @ 2.8ghz
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    Just got this motherboard, was also having a similar problem (and my USB keyboard didnt register keystrokes after POST), think it was because I downloaded and installed chipset drivers. Am running Vista. Managed to reformat (using a ps2 keyboard to say yes, I do want to boot from CD ), installed Vista again, and all is happy days again.

    Really a bit perplexed though, when I first booted the first thing it said was CMOS checksum error?? So I just changed the time to the current time to see if it saved... did and all was fine. Bizarre. Way too scared to flash the bios because it looks like it could blow up with the smallest incentive!

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    I have had a few reports from users with same problem. I will run some tests to see if there is a quick fix for the problem.

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    The only cable I could find was a DVI-D. The screen came on straight away with no problems. The DVI port does produce a digital signal.
    Check the link to confirm the type of cable you are using.

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