I've been reading here about different kinds of problems with this board, but haven't seen anyone complaining about USB detection. I know I got an old BIOS (version 12, I think), but haven't bothered to update bacause I've managed with my one annoying USB problem. USB devices don't seem to autodetect on power on start-up. This happens randomly with either or both of my two devices attached (Antec Fusion HTPC case display/IR tranceiver unit attached to internal USB port and keyboard tranceiver dongle attached to external USB port). Keyboard starts to work if I detach the dongle after start-up and put it back but getting the display working I need to shutdown and turn off the mains power from PSU switch and wait few seconds. I use my PC for video/audio playing so I don't have any additional cards inside. My system runs on Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

Does anyone know would some new version of BIOS fix this problem making it worthwhile uodating it?