I have the F190HD and to begin with i was very impressed, i used the Intergrated Graphics Sound etc and it was working fine. With both Vista and Xp.

THEN, i started to have problems.

Firstly, i experienced the known vista install takes hours issue.(mostly it just froze) this was only in AHCI Mode.

Then i slipstreamed SP1 which includes the hotfix for the installation and it worked MUCH better with AHCI enabled in Bios. Windows installs fine but THEN vista goes VERY sluggish, freezes and wont let me even install programs.

So basically, i did a format except with IDE enabled in Bios, installed vista and KEPT with Vistas normal AHCI drivers. The moment i install ATI Ahci controller the system slows.

You can easily enable AHCI in vista AFTER installing in IDE mode. To do this, search in registry editor for MSACHI in the services section, set the key' enable ahci' to 0 instead of the default 4.

Restart and enable ACHI in bios and vista will work fine. DO NOT install ATI Ahci or raid drivers and you will be fine.

I really dont see an improvement in usuage in AHCI, but generally installing things seems to be a little faster. I know people mean when they think IDE is faster on this board, because ATI/ABits own driver messes things up.

Anyway, i thought everything was fine, in fact, everything seems fine, but last night after i install call of duty 4 the system just suddenly froze.

I dont know why it was, but it happens with no PCIE or PCI cards connected but strangley only started to happen after i bought my MSI Radeon 3850 card and still happens with that taken out and drivers uninstalled.

I spent ALL this weekend benchmarking my pc. No errors overnight in Memtest, WD diagnostics show no error, burnt my cpu with Prime95, all no crashing and no errors, but then it randomly crashes.

This is the most annoying problem, cos my pc is online 24 hours and it doesnt freeze then, but when i use it slightly it will randomly freeze and i dont know WHY it is.

My specs are as follows:

2x 1GB Adata CL5
MSI 3850 256mb
Corsair 620w

im coming to the conclusion one of two things are to blame:

1. The MB has hasd it, or the SATA controller at least
2. My psu is intermittant - I highly doubt this as its a very good psu, i have also checked the rails and they are fine.

Unfortunatley i do not have the dosh atm to invest in a replacement MB and CPU but it may be the only way to rectify this. I was just hoping if ANYONE has had the same experience.


~ Dodge