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Thread: AW9D MAX OVerclocking RESULTS

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      • 500GIG WD SATA 2
      • Graphics card(s):
      • Vvikoo 8800GT (1GIG MAX)
      • PSU:
      • Gigabyte ODIN 1200W
      • Case:
      • Mountain MODS U2 UFO CASE original top WATER COOLED TO HELL!!
      • Monitor(s):
      • cibox 22"WD LCD

    AW9D MAX OVerclocking RESULTS

    ok folks

    I am officaily recommending this AW9D Max motherboard. The reason for which is this

    With my week 29 Conroe 6600 2 gigs of corsair ram and watercooling CPu I tested them out on my work collegues Asus P5W DH Deluxe. I could NOT achieve a stable overclock higher than 3.689 if I went to 3.17 it went unstable and was unable to boot to windows. However using the exact same components and installed on the AW9D Max motherboard I achieved 3.817 STABLE and stable for TWO days straight!

    Even with the Corsair Value Ram I was using I knew that if I replaced the northbridge block with a W/C cooled block I could EASILY break the 4 gig barrier.

    Anyway I am including a link to my overclocking results and super-pi results.

    They way I see it is that if I can do this on Corsair VALUE ram and the Standard UNMODIFIED Aw9d max motherboard, then you can all do it

    This motherboard is the business and I offically recommend this board.


    Just click on the pics to enlarge them

    Jsut one thing please ABIT. PLEASE PLeASE please! Hurry up with an offical 1.3 Bios to fix the bootstrap 100/133mhz and the memory speed/timing.

    I want to be able to select a LOWER memory speed to achieve HIGHER FSB!

    Again thank you abit for going to the MAX on this board.


    In the immortal words of Ali-G "Is it cos I is an Overclocker?"

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    If only I could afford such components.
    Either your lucky or that CPU is better than I thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post

    Jsut one thing please ABIT. PLEASE PLeASE please! Hurry up with an offical 1.3 Bios to fix the bootstrap 100/133mhz and the memory speed/timing.h
    are you running 1.3b3 as that's supposed to be good?

    I remain to be convinced that the 1333 boot strap is actually going to be worthwhile for E6600s & above.
    Sure you may hit a higher fsb if your CPU can hack it but it comes at a performance penalty so you have to get a significantly higher fsb to match let alone beat the 1066 performance.

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