Ok well here goes system specs :
ANTEC P180 Case
AMD Opteron 170
XFX 7800GS Video Card
5 x SATA 320GB WD
2 x 512MB Corsair XMS 2-2-2-5
Windows XP MCE
The Problems :
Setup the computer 2 weeks before christmas, about a week after christmas the computer brought up a BSD and refuse to boot the OS i then tried to do a reinstallation of the OS and during the copying of the system files the machine would just reboot. Tested each and every component, that is by swapping out the originals and putting in new ones, also took every device except the necessary ones of the PS to see if it was a shortage of power problem, the problem still exsist, ran memtest for days no errors, etc.
Bought a new A8N 32X because i thought i just got a lemon, read online about the mounting hole below the memory modules i did not insert anything into that hole. Tried to install windows, it installed then about 5 mins later crashed and refuse to boot, the problem has re-appeared.....I have been building systems for 9 years now, so i am very capable but this one has me stumped.