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Thread: Need a big, big favour from a mac owner...

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    Need a big, big favour from a mac owner...

    Hi chaps, PC owner here just invading your Mac forum I'm after a really big favour from someone, it won't take long and I'd really appreciate it! I'm working on a project where the title has been produced by someone with a Mac, and the font they've used is a Mac-only one called Sand. Now, I what I really need is a largish file just with the title of the project in large letters in that font, just so I can whip it into Photoshop, select it and then do what I like with it (obviously I won't be able to edit the words but I won't need to). If anyone here could be so kind to help me out, please shoot me a pm...


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    Send me a PM and I'll sort it tonight if you still need it.

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