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  1. 3XS LG17 Vengeance G-Sync Keyboard
  2. Asus RMA
  3. 3XS LG Extreme Carbon
  4. Help Packaging question
  5. Help Vertical lines appearing on laptop screen
  6. Help Cancelling Order
  7. Help Cancelling Order
  8. Help Extremely disappointed with 3XS
  9. Help Replacement for Nvidia GTX 580 (EVGA)
  10. Why no 3, 4 and 5 year warranty options?
  11. Some questions before buying a gaming PC
  12. Help 3XS pre built system q
  13. Clarifying a few details before ordering
  14. Q: Graphics Acceleration is not being used?
  15. Couple of questions for community or 3XS
  16. Called and emailed about a custom build, no response yet. Anybody theeeeere?
  17. not impressed guys
  18. Help where is my laptop? Order number --- 02366378 (Order costs more than £1000)
  19. Replacement bios settings
  20. Help First Boot: Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard not working.
  21. Low microphone sound
  22. Help MSI motherboard 'dead' after BIOS update
  23. LG1725 - 970m SLI Questions
  24. Rubbish service from scan - sorted
  25. 18 days to activate Windows?
  26. Help Moving from Watercooled PC to Aircooled PC
  27. Very concerned. Not sure what to do.
  28. Help New 3XS System, Slow Boot + Low FPS
  29. 3XS - Swordfish Information
  30. Question about Windows on new 3XS system
  31. BIOS O.C. Profile causing BSOD
  32. Help Really Poor RMA Turn around
  33. Resolved Poor Customer Service
  34. Problems with Quadro 4000 max resolution (DVI) and antialiasing (DP)
  35. Help 3XS System, boxes/cables question?
  36. Build Pics
  37. MSI GTX 970 backplate
  38. Windows 7 HP 16GB limit / Disk
  39. Up Grade 3XS system
  40. Drivers question.
  41. Help Quick 3XS Question
  42. Help CPU Overclock with GTX 690 SLI
  43. Ordered 3XS laptop.... 15/08/2014
  44. Custom Build Question. Fans and Controllers
  45. Help Add a msata ssd to LG1150. Now it cannot boot without AC adapter
  46. Resolved Do I get commission for this ? ;)
  47. 3XS Graphite LG1716 (Clevo P370SM-A, 2x nVidia 880M, Intel i7 4810MQ)
  48. Help [Query] Pre Sales
  49. 3XS Overclocked system running hotter?
  50. Parts downgraded with no approval
  51. Help Overclocked Bundle Overheating
  52. Help Windows 7 repeated requests for activation - 18 months after first activated!
  53. Pre-assembled overclocked bundles warranty?
  54. Announcing the 3XS blog
  55. Problems with SCAN lg175 (graphical artifacts etc)
  56. Help Gainward 9500 GT video card - OpenGL settings?
  57. Help Pre-sales query
  58. 3XS System Support - How We Will Help You
  59. 3XS FAQ - Your Questions Answered
  60. Graphite LG1510, left shift key
  61. system to run demanding VMs
  62. Warranty Question
  63. Free Games Code?
  64. Help What Drive Will The OS Be Installed On?
  65. 3XS Z87 Nanu GTX - with Corsair quiet fans?
  66. Help Build Progress - Lack of communication/no build number provided
  67. Advice For Digital Photography & Gaming PC
  68. Progress of my build
  69. Asus MAXIMUS VI GENE or Gigabyte Z87 Sniper M5
  70. Help Speakers & Mic Not Working
  71. 3XS Approved - Graphics Card
  72. Help Overclocking fail
  73. What security software do you use?
  74. Scan 3XS - 3XS Z87 Nanu GTX
  75. Which one ?
  76. A long-time coming..... LG1710
  77. Help GFX Card Substitution
  78. Second hard drive in LG1510?
  79. System build advice for both Flight Simming FSX and DAW using Cubase
  80. about the order 3XS Z87 Vengeance 780
  81. 3XS LG155 build status
  82. Help OC profile lost after power cut
  83. What comes with a laptop build?
  84. ok confused do scan 3xs do full custom builds or not
  85. Graphite LG1715
  86. Guaranteed Delivery Times
  87. Resolved Warning AVG Free 2014 can cause USB & Bluetooth devices to appear tio fail
  88. How busy are you guys?
  89. Advice on HPC
  90. Help Build question
  91. Black screen crash and very loud fan.....
  92. Help System won't stay asleep (Windows 8)
  93. Help 3XS Nanu gamer - I7 overclock vs cooler
  94. Upgrading RAM (980X on a PX58D-E)
  95. Help Graphite LG1510 upgrade
  96. H100i odd behaviour
  97. 3XS X79 Velocity SLI
  98. Status Update on my build
  99. 3XS Z87 Sniper FT03 - Custom Series query
  100. Help Delivery price
  101. 3XS system query
  102. Do 3XS custom build PCs?
  103. Help GW2 - build me a PC that can run this
  104. Infomation about my order/build
  105. overclocking
  106. Scan 3XS system warranty
  107. Radeon 8970m in LG1710?
  108. Help Intermittent BSODs with the 3XS bundle
  109. Superb After Sales Care
  110. New build query
  111. Extra laptop power supply?
  112. Upgrading and Warrenty
  113. Wireless connection constantly dropping - new laptop
  114. How to get build pics
  115. Random lockups with Nvidia Geforece GTX 550Ti and 320.49 WHQL drivers
  116. Reducing overclock and bios
  117. Scan-delous! Shocking after sales treatment!
  118. OC Profiles
  119. Another Issue New Laptop GPU Temps
  120. Cant access keyboard led and functions
  121. Help 3XS Z87 FT03 Nanu Question
  122. Help Delivery Options
  123. Help 2 weekends down and no sign of system.
  124. Help 3XS Laptop build number / schedule
  125. Four Weeks and Still No System…
  126. PSU failure?
  127. 3XS System - hard drive short DST fail
  128. My custom scan build queries
  129. Curious as to the purpose of this partition.
  130. Help No dual monitor support on 3xs systems
  131. New 14 inch Clevo chassis?
  132. Custom Build Computer
  133. Update required for my new laptop
  134. Anything with USB 3.0 the size of 3XS NUC N5 but not costing more than £750?
  135. New sale query
  136. You guys messed up [IMPORTANT]
  137. Transfer of warranty?
  138. Saturday delivery.
  139. Ready to ship Systems - delivery times
  140. Still waiting on build.
  141. Scan 3XS LG5 gaming laptop order
  142. HDD Cabling
  143. Laptop fan noise level?
  144. Corsair H100i - Do I RMA to Scan or Corsair
  145. Help Corsair H100i LED's broken?
  146. Help Overclock
  147. Help I get BSOD only had system 6 months.....
  148. Help Pre-built watercooled PC questions
  149. Have you bought a 3XS system or components from Scan in the last year?
  150. Just few questions I have about the 3XS
  151. 3XS LG20 Gaming Laptop - Any Pictures?
  152. Sending to Germany
  153. Scan 3XS Graphite LG5 Gaming Laptop - Questions on the laptop
  154. Help Unable to power on 3XS laptop
  155. Help BSOD BCCode: 116
  156. Cleaning Service?
  157. Warranty clarification please.
  158. Please help.?
  159. 3XS Order/Build Process
  160. Thanks 3XS
  161. SSD Versus HDD
  162. Can't email Scan?
  163. Scan 3XS Graphite LG10 - AMD Radeon HD 7970M not a option
  164. 3XS system bought over a year ago
  165. "Send in your own case" 3XS
  166. 3XS Z77 Performance Q10 - Review
  167. Disappointed with Netsolve delivery
  168. To anyone who has recently bought the Scan 3XS Cyclone SLI System
  169. Help Waiting on Delivery
  170. Performance Results
  171. Ordered -- 3XS Z77 Performance Q10 - Quiet Series
  172. Help Questionsregarding ordering a 3XS bundle please
  173. FW on the audio Laptop? Plus a question about edu discount
  174. Resolved After all the negative's, a scan positive!
  175. 3XS Z77 Performance GTX ( Faulty Graphics Card ? )
  176. Scan's packaging policy
  177. Help Configuring a custom system based on a standard 3XS System
  178. Guaranteed 4 Working Days ?
  179. Scan's QA Performance testing
  180. Help Wondering where is my PC?
  181. 3XS Ordering / Items in stock
  182. A few question about pre-overclocked bundles
  183. System Delay?
  184. Help Gaming Laptop, only Corsair SSDs? &is "Force 3" better than "Force GT"/"GS"? Neutron?
  185. Scan laptops, how long do they take?
  186. How to reduce power consumption from overclocked cpu when idling
  187. Help PSU For SLI - GTK33
  188. Today only - if I change delivery date... still discount?
  189. What do 3XS get right?
  190. Big Thanks for the Warranty Fix
  191. Help Keep changing my mind new build
  192. 3XS Z77 Performance GTX pick up??
  193. Help 3XS System Build time...
  194. Build date today! :)
  195. Help OC Bundle + V12 Finance Question.
  196. Scan Xmas jingle
  197. Help Really slow file transfers in my new G30.
  198. what memory are used in the 3xs bundles
  199. Resolved Just a quick thanks guys !
  200. Help new bundle, bit of a mess up!!
  201. No contact re. delivery
  202. Very Happy with my system
  203. Scan can you please help
  204. Help with the payment!
  205. Help GTX 670MX and 675MX
  206. What GFX Card?
  207. Oc bundle purchase help needed
  208. Ordered New PC
  209. James Gorbold | Thank you!
  210. Help 3XS LG15 gaming laptop - images
  211. Delivery options/places
  212. Help 3XS Graphite LG15 Memory Test
  213. Help ADK 9000 availability
  214. Help Custom Motherboard bundle?
  215. (resolved) No contact yet from dispatch team...
  216. My Machine is in memory test :-)
  217. Resolved Free copy of Borderlands 2
  218. Resolved aol
  219. Technical Support
  220. System build scheduled for today - no word?
  221. If you have a Scan PC for audio and you use Cakwalk's Sonar you should read this
  222. Waiting times for 3XS laptops
  223. Scan 3XS Graphite LG5
  224. 3XS Z77 FT03 Nanu - Custom Series
  225. scan not replying
  226. Help Changed Bios Profile, now Windows won't start
  227. 3XS System build process - Customer service experience
  228. Communication & Delays
  229. New Build Ordered - Communication Issues...
  230. Help with my( soon to be) Z79 Carbon SLI
  231. I would like help before i place an order
  232. 3XS Sytem Progress
  233. Need guidance on installing hfx360 watercooling kit
  234. Help First build and I bought the wrong PSU
  235. Help What Spec for a Flight Sim?
  236. No sli bridge
  237. Contacting for Pre-Sales Enquiry
  238. Windows 8 Upgrade
  239. Help Buy now Pay later help?
  240. Help 3xs bundle blue screening
  241. Memory upgrade
  242. GTS System Build - Progress Query
  243. ,/',.
  244. New Build Complete - 3XS Vengeance Z77 SLI - Recommendation & Query
  245. Help Max safe temp for GTX 550Ti Superclock
  246. '3XS Systems' Badge
  247. Extended warranty and upgrades/additions
  248. Help Overheating
  249. Bios problems
  250. Help ASUS Power Surge Protection