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  1. Help Compact keyboard missing key
  2. Help Problems with ROG Zenith Extreme
  3. Resolved RMA on Z170 Pro Gaming Motherboard - Rejected?
  4. 1 stick of duel channel memory failed and rma sent and received by scan
  5. Incredibly Frustrating Returns Process
  6. DPD Couriers
  7. rma - how much longer
  8. Help RMA service no fault found, very unhappy.
  9. Help RMA Rejected. Would like a clearer picture.
  10. Ordered Corsair 460x RGB, received the non-RGB version
  11. Help Scan contact us broken? Problem with Zotac 1050 Ti Mini
  12. Next day delivery still not despatched.
  13. Free Civ 6 game with RX480?
  14. Help 1080FTW blew on me
  15. Just wondering how bad the queue is for the Nintendo Classic Mini
  16. Scan After Sales Support Guidlines
  17. Help 70 orders and £8382 later I'm done with Scan
  18. Third time - not so lucky.
  19. Help Amd fx8350 DEAD
  20. Help Return taking an age
  21. Refund not issued for cancelled order
  22. Wrong delivery address!!
  23. Help Asus Z170 Pro Gaming freezing during profile selection
  24. Help Damaged upon retrieval RMA rejected.
  25. Help Power Issue on a PC ordered in Jan 2016
  26. Notice to invoke DSR rights to cancel a purchase within 14 days
  27. Need assistance from Scan
  28. Delayed Order Notification - {D7EB2A91-63B8-4D7C-A61A-A9DE13933B5C}
  29. Samsung SSD Free Assassins Creed Syndicate Code
  30. Help Delayed Order Notification - {AC862DA1-BF1C-4E26-83F7-D7D3C35ED20A}
  31. Checking order contains the correct item/s
  32. Help Ordered last Thursday, Now is Wednesday Still not picked. Item is instock
  33. Help Scan Warranty incredibly slow process
  34. Faulty Motherboard and a ruined CPU
  35. Games bundle supplied with mobo/cpu bundle invalid. Scan passed the buck to Intel
  36. Help OoS Components impeding order?
  37. Resolved Scan are failing to recongize the issue i am having
  38. Resolved Need to return M2 SSD as not compatible with my motheroard
  39. Delayed Order Notification
  40. Resolved Update on my RMA
  41. Unexpected volumes.
  42. RMA deemed damaged. No damage when in my possession. Refund/RMA rejected.
  43. Rights Under RMA
  44. Resolved Despatched Date
  45. Resolved Second faulty motherboard, no reponse.
  46. Resolved Scan refuse to refund postage after sending me the wrong item.
  47. Resolved NVIDIA Witcher 3 Promo
  48. Resolved 290X Faulty - SCAN Email support is useless, trying forums instead
  49. Resolved New Build stability issues
  50. Resolved ASUS MG279Q freesync monitor
  51. Resolved RMA woes
  52. Resolved Scan sent faulty GPU, refusing to refund in full
  53. Resolved made an order over the weekend, still waiting to hear from it
  54. Resolved Stability issues with new hardware
  55. Resolved EVGA Backplate
  56. Resolved Status of RMA?
  57. Resolved No Witcher 3 Code
  58. Resolved Having to be sent a third card before the possibility of a refund?
  59. Resolved RMA Status
  60. Scan claiming broken pins on RMA of motherboard - total nonsense
  61. Resolved Possible mainboard issue
  62. Resolved Witcher 3 promotional code
  63. Resolved Help with my RMA return
  64. Resolved Why is MSI Z97a showing instock when it isn't
  65. Resolved Rma 363691
  66. Resolved Witcher 3 code
  67. Resolved Order hasn't even been picked.
  68. Resolved Second Faulty Motherboard 'RMA 352167'
  69. Resolved How long does it take to authorise payment?
  70. Resolved Rma 352240
  71. Terrible Customer Service
  72. Resolved No RMA update in over a month
  73. Resolved NZXT H440 Razer edition query
  74. Resolved No contact from scan
  75. Resolved RMA Issue
  76. Resolved Cancel Order
  77. Resolved Confused by SCAN support queries
  78. Resolved Order cancel
  79. Resolved RMA progress
  80. Resolved Please review replacement policy
  81. Resolved RMA test not sufficient
  82. Resolved RMA delivery information ignored
  83. Help Gigabyte g1 970 screen flicker on display port
  84. Resolved RMA stopped?
  85. Resolved Order Delayed - no idea of when it will be delivered
  86. Resolved Pretty disappointed in the RMA process.
  87. Resolved Rma 346661
  88. Resolved Rma 346683 & 341863
  89. Resolved Customer Service & Warranties, Upset Customer.
  90. Resolved RMA, no update, 2 months with no graphics card!!!
  91. Resolved Gfx card does not work in 2 PCs, tested fine in RMA
  92. GTX 970 artifacting & crashing, appears to be DOA.
  93. Resolved RMA Refund overdue
  94. Resolved RMA waiting
  95. Resolved RMA stuck on Awaiting replacement / credit
  96. Resolved Nvidia coupon missing
  97. Resolved Issue with Zotac 780Ti currently in for return
  98. Resolved Ordered a GTX 970 back in September and wanted to know if I can get the Ubisoft offer
  99. Resolved Want a Red Harbinger Desk don't order from Scan!
  100. Resolved Eizo EV2736W - Backlight Bleed / Tint
  101. Resolved Again no order invoice
  102. Resolved MSI GTX 970 fan problem
  103. Resolved invoice not found
  104. Resolved Faulty Motherboard / Unhappy experience
  105. Resolved Refurb Laptop
  106. Resolved Credit card charged on out of stock items?
  107. Resolved RMA taking too long for a mistake that was Scan's fault
  108. Resolved Faulty MSI GTX 970
  109. Resolved Want to change items on my order or cancel
  110. Resolved 980GTX RMA Problems
  111. Resolved Graphics card returned - no fault found. Card is definitely faulty.
  112. Resolved Am I entitled to a full refund under the Sales of Goods Act?
  113. Resolved RMA - Items Tested, No Fault Found
  114. Resolved Scan RMA process
  115. Resolved Serious NVIDIA Shield Tablet issues...
  116. Resolved RMA request
  117. Resolved RMA: 5 Weeks and Counting
  118. Resolved Motherboard-CPU compatibility
  119. Resolved Replacement RMA SSD is not new and has a used W7 install and data on it!
  120. Resolved Faulty SSD
  121. Resolved Furious at Scan RMA
  122. Resolved RMA issue
  123. Resolved Motherboard RMA
  124. Resolved MSI R9 280x RMA
  125. Resolved Getting the motherboard back after testing
  126. Resolved Motherboard Testing
  127. Resolved Motherboard RMA No Fault Found
  128. Resolved Order stated shipped then magically out of stock...
  129. Resolved 3 out of the last 4 RMAs ended in poor service - no more scan
  130. Resolved Original Invoice request.
  131. Help No faith in Scan's stock system - delays and more delays.
  132. Resolved How long does it take to get a rma number
  133. Resolved Another damged item - no response from Customer Care.
  134. Resolved How long is it reasonable to wait for an RMA to be resolved
  135. Resolved Scan - delayed order: poor stock managment and poor communication
  136. Resolved Scan RMA taking very long time
  137. Resolved Faulty refurbished OCZ SSD - Third time!
  138. Resolved Scan Support Email
  139. Resolved Second Zotac GTX750ti needing RMA - can I pay extra and change brand?
  140. Resolved rma monitor sent as new
  141. Resolved Damaged PS4
  142. Resolved Bit of help on getting a decent update please
  143. Resolved RMA status - constant problems 1 month after the initial order
  144. Resolved DSR returns request ignored..
  145. Resolved OLQ unanswered since 20th march
  146. Resolved R9 290 Black Screen
  147. Resolved Free Delivery
  148. Resolved Email response times
  149. Resolved Query Response
  150. Resolved RMA, no information given and ignoring my emails.
  151. Resolved Technical help: problem with r9 270 graphics card (I think)
  152. Resolved Scan RMA not issued full refund / Customer Neglect
  153. Resolved Dispatched order
  154. Resolved Monitor check
  155. Resolved Scan RMA Issue
  156. Resolved Customer satisfaction.... yeah right
  157. Resolved Dispatched?
  158. Resolved Scansure and Overclocking
  159. Resolved EVGA SuperNOVA 1000W 80+ Platinum Full Modular PSU
  160. Resolved No tracking email
  161. Resolved Bundled Games
  162. Resolved XFX R9 270x missing battlefield code
  163. Resolved RMA query
  164. Resolved Returning an OCZ PSU that I bought
  165. Resolved RMA sticker received. What next
  166. Resolved RAM rejected due to bent pins A/C E-518939 order 00E2128709
  167. Resolved SSD faulty - Need replacement urgently
  168. Resolved msi twin frozr 7950 very loud
  169. Resolved RMA passed then all of a sudden Rejected?
  170. Resolved Quick RMA question.
  171. Resolved Very Strange issue on Cold Boot - Dont know what to try next
  172. Resolved Rma Query
  173. Resolved More poor service from Scan
  174. Resolved Cancelling order
  175. Resolved X102ba - bluetooth
  176. Resolved Poor service from Scan
  177. Resolved Help Cancel an Order
  178. Resolved Titan wearing out?
  179. Resolved Asus HD 7970 ROG Matrix Platinum crashing within 10 minutes
  180. Resolved RMA Asus Rampage IV Extreme 2 months ago
  181. Resolved Delayed email notification
  182. Resolved RMA Only showing as one item received
  183. Resolved RMA timeframe?
  184. Resolved Issue with new system & in person RMA questions
  185. Resolved Dead power supply
  186. Resolved Game Code bundle issue.
  187. Resolved Didnt recieve Arconis software with my seagate drives
  188. Resolved Broken front/intake fan bay holder on Fractal Design chassis
  189. Resolved Wish to cancel my recent order
  190. Resolved Supplier repair question...
  191. Resolved Somewhat defective looking gfx card
  192. Resolved Picking up my order
  193. Resolved Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Motherboard fault
  194. Resolved Minor damage on exterior box: Corsair 900D
  195. Resolved Partial Refund
  196. Resolved I RMA'd a motherboard > No issue found > Exact same problems again!
  197. Resolved Returns Policy on PSU
  198. Resolved Rma
  199. Resolved Corsair H60 possible parts missing and no instructions
  200. Resolved Problems with return
  201. Resolved RMA for 400W Seasonic SS-400ET PSU
  202. Resolved Possible RMA
  203. Resolved EVGA NVIDIA 630 Fan
  204. Resolved Saturday Delivery - didnt happen (AGAIN!!!) - extra expense/time/costs
  205. Resolved Acronis software
  206. Resolved EVGA gtx 680 order
  207. Resolved RMA: vertex plus SSD drive
  208. Resolved XFX Graphics Card Rma problem
  209. Resolved Problem with graphics card
  210. Resolved payment has been declined
  211. Resolved Not recieved reply to email in 7 days.
  212. Resolved Mobo Scan RMA how long does this take anyone dealt with in past?
  213. Resolved Malfunctioning PSU and/or MOBO? Fried connector.
  214. Resolved Xfx rma
  215. Resolved Help with returns request/RMA
  216. Resolved Re: Previous RMA
  217. Resolved Bios Reset ? lost Overclock ?
  218. Resolved Western digital hard drive return
  219. Resolved RMA 307324 1TB Seagate ST31000524AS SATA
  220. Resolved MSI HD7970 Overclocked Edition R7970-2PMD3GD5/OC
  221. Resolved customer service
  222. Resolved A heads up in relation to automated RMA emails
  223. Resolved RMA status update
  224. Resolved Who deals with my RMA?
  225. Resolved XFX HD7750 How to Get the Free Games Please?
  226. Resolved Status Of RMA?
  227. Resolved No response to queries regarding return
  228. Resolved - ETA of replacement.
  229. Resolved RMA postage - Thanks!
  230. Resolved Pre-Ordered a mother board, need to cancel
  231. Resolved No response from my online RMA request OLQ1138023
  232. Resolved No response on online RMA request OLQ1138023
  233. Resolved No followup with my Scan RMA - Help Please
  234. Resolved No communication from my online RMA request OLQ1139168
  235. Resolved Rma question
  236. Resolved Crashes with 7970
  237. Resolved Order made yesterday between 14:00 - 14:30
  238. Resolved I have returned this item as faulty, no refund has been given!
  239. Resolved Several On Line Query requests for RMA and no responce
  240. Resolved where is my order?
  241. Resolved Olq1130561
  242. now not so positive feedback
  243. Resolved Account details update problem
  244. Help Don't know how to connect USB 2.0 front panel to motherboard
  245. Past 8pm, no dispatch
  246. Delayed Order
  247. Help Rma 292499
  248. Resolved Tracking reports RMA not found
  249. Resolved Invoice update
  250. Help Now OOS?