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  1. der8auer Core i9-9900K PASSIVE cooled CPU and system benchmarks (video)
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  17. Help IA: Turbo Attenuation (MCT)
  18. Intel had to use an aircon unit to get 5ghz on their older xeon according to gn
  19. Coverage of Spectre 3 and Spectre 4?
  20. Thinking of upgrading due to spectre bug
  21. My 6600K DELID steps and overclocking results! (With advice from Hoonigan)
  22. BranchScope: Here we go again with the Spectre like attacks
  23. Intel Publishes Spectre & Meltdown Hardware Plans: Fixed Gear Later This Year
  24. Someone on ebay is offering a delid-relid service for i5-i7 for £14 anyone used them?
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  27. Help 1700X Cooler
  28. AMD offering a CPU loan for people to flash an APU Bios onto their AM4 boards
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  30. Cooler for a Pentium 4 Lappy to Desktop
  31. Intel users: prepare to lose 5-30% of performance
  32. Rumour of a new x86 cpu using the VIA license
  33. Core quantity, space, components
  34. Help i7-8700k Average Temps
  35. Help CPU minimum for 4k 60fps+ gaming
  36. Higher than usual recent CPU temps
  37. Really,Intel??
  38. I7 3770(None K) vs I7 8700K paired with GTX 1080 at 3440X1440 - Bottleneck
  39. Can I upgrade an i3 CPU with an i5 CPU on a gateway SX2840-01?
  40. Intel to Rebrand Pentium "Kaby Lake" Processors as Pentium Gold
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  42. Coffee Lake is rumoured to be limited in stock
  43. Please critique this proposed watercooling set-up
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  45. From 4770k @ 4.3 to 1700X @ 3.8 to 2700x @ Stock in BF1
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  49. Overclocking learnings on an i3-540
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  66. i5 6500 or i5 6600
  67. CPU question and random.
  68. Water / Air Cooling of the CPU
  69. Processor Choice for Future VR Intel Core i5 6600K or Intel Core i7 6700K 4.0Ghz
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  71. Which CPU - Core M3-6Y30 or Core i5-5200U
  72. AMD Bristol Ridge released for AM4/OEM
  73. 5960 or 6900
  74. Prime 95 failure - advice needed
  75. Which cpu?
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  80. 4690k or 4790k
  81. 32 bit processor vs 64 bit processor
  82. CPU cores (multiple) and the debate
  83. How many CPU cores you really need for DirectX 12 gaming ! AMD wins ??
  84. Skylake Bug
  85. The AMD Embedded R-Series SOC - perfect HTPC solution?
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  90. Gaming with Skylake
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  92. Silverbench Benchmark
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  98. Broadwell-E - When?
  99. High cpu temp on stock cooling 4790k
  100. Advice on home server CPU choice.
  101. CPU question
  102. Skylake price rise up?
  103. Skylake i7 or i5 for programming, VM's and light gaming
  104. Skylake Base Frequency Issue
  105. Help (i5) Skylake or 4690k
  106. i5-4690K for GTX980
  107. Help Building new PC
  108. Name the thousand things wrong with this picture
  109. Help i7 4790k - Temps help
  110. Beginner's dilemma
  111. Help The age old question... is it worth an upgrade yet
  112. Recomend the best CPU for about £150
  113. Best LGA 1150 Water Cooling CPU Block
  114. I am a muppet II
  115. I am a muppet
  116. recomendation for thermal compound
  117. Help Skylake or not to Skylake that is the question? Well sort of :)
  118. skybridge i5 or i7
  119. 18-Year old x86 design flaw opens door to rootkits according to Researcher
  120. Best CPU for under £100 - Web developer/ Low level Gamer
  121. Help Z170, Skylake 6770K vs X99 5820K
  122. H75 Vs H90
  123. CPU resets to stock speed after Windows Sleep
  124. Creaking noises coming from cpu area when cooling down or heating up.
  125. How will release of Skylake effect current gen CPU prices.
  126. Well win 10 upgrade was a non starter
  127. Help Does anyone know a UK site that has a 760k/750k for a reasonable price?
  128. New, cheap, A8 APU
  129. Help G3258 doesn't go past 4.5Ghz - advice
  130. Help Time to upgrade maybe?
  131. Corsair h110 cooler and msi x99s gaming 9 motherboard
  132. The battle of Processors, Whats better AMD or Intel
  133. Is the I5 4440 a good processor for gaming?
  134. x5650 drawing more at wall than i7-930 - Is this right???
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  136. Any Xeon X5660 lovers here?
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  138. Passively Cooling Intel Xeon E3-1230
  139. Intel i7 4770 vs i7 4790S
  140. CPU delid and direct mount worth it?
  141. Help Oveclocking Fx-6300 and multiplier drops under stress test.
  142. Is i5 still king for gaming or will i7 show an advantage with DX12 ?
  143. x3430 v x3440
  144. Corsair H100i GTX Hydro Cooler - Out of Stock Everywhere
  145. best CPU cooler under £25?
  146. Overclocking 1156 Xeons
  147. CPU Temps water cooled, good average or bad ?
  148. Help Finally making an upgrade - Worth it?
  149. i3 4130T or 4130 for file/media server?
  150. Counterfeit CPUs being sold
  151. Decent, quiet CPU cooler for an i7?
  152. Is it worth?
  153. 4790k or 4970k
  154. 4670K high idle and general temperatures
  155. Should i upgrade?
  156. Grab the G3258 now and upgrade later?
  157. Choosing between 2 CPUs?
  158. Help AMD A10-7850k showing only 1.67Ghz
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  160. Desperation choice of CPU
  161. 8350 on water vs. i7-4790k on air?
  162. G3258 vs i3 4150
  163. Cooling opinions on a OC i5 2500k
  164. Render farm CPU?
  165. 1156 Socket CPU fit a 1150 socket MoBo ?
  166. H80i anyone?
  167. Help Looking for a cheap cooler
  168. Is there a low TDP Intel CPU which is compatible with ECC memory/board?
  169. Possible to run CPU with no fan if you underclock it?
  170. 4790k Memory Controller Voltage
  171. Haswell vs Ivy Bridge?
  172. 2500k Up
  173. Looks like Corsair want you to buy one of their big PSUs for overclocking Haswell-E
  174. How far can I push my i5-760?
  175. Modern CPUs and current
  176. Help Face palm - CPU without a heatsink
  177. i7 4790K Overheating Issues
  178. intelcore i 5 2500 k over clock screen
  179. AMD cpu suggestions
  180. 4790K Stock Voltage?
  181. Luxury air, or bargain budget water?
  182. Overclocked i5 4570 on H81 mobo
  183. Haswell E: Just me that Feeels Kinda Meh?
  184. CoreTemp CPU temp spikes, and drops, i7 3770k
  185. Core i3 Advice
  186. hardware bug found in Hawell - TSX to be disabled
  187. CPU Core Temps?
  188. Haswell-E Release Date **CONFIRMED**
  189. CPU speed difference
  190. AMD FX 8350, i5 3570k or i5 4670k?
  191. Help 4790K overheating with NH L12
  192. Help CPU upgrade. X3 720
  193. Why can't AMD compete with Intel?
  194. intel core i5 4690, best i5?
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  196. Help AMD Athlon X4 760k Black Edition or FX4300
  197. Dual graphics problem with AMD A4 6300 and Hd 6450 and msi A88xm-E35
  198. Suitable CPU for storage box and transcoding
  199. Struggling with heat generated from i7-4790k
  200. Intel Xeon X3450 vs E5520
  201. 4770k vs "Devil's Canyon" 4970
  202. Help Overclocked RAM W/ CPU
  203. Help LGA1150 Socket CPU compatible with Arctic Freezer 13? (non-co edition)
  204. Few questions about my Cpu upgrade (Hyperthreading and gaming)
  205. FX7600P review thread
  206. Worth upgrading and compatibility issues
  207. Devils Canyon review thread
  208. Intel Core i7-5960X, Core i7-5930K and Core i7-5820K Haswell-E CPUs Specs Leaked
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  211. AMD Mullins and Beema review thread
  212. Q8400 vs G3220
  213. AM1 Kabini review thread
  214. i5 4670k and a msi g45 gaming board a good matach
  215. [Help] Cool and quiet
  216. Reenabling Power saving states on Overclocked FX CPUs
  217. Help overclock i7 950
  218. Resolved Cheap PC for a kid - gaming, schoolwork, surfing, etc....What AMD APU & Mobo?
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  220. CPU best used with Gaming/Graphic Design/Photography
  221. Help do i keep or sell?
  222. Worthy Replacement Cooler For Ageing Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme?
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  224. CNPS2X vs. Noctua L9i vs. Stock HSF
  225. i5 4670k & Noctua NH-U12S OC?
  226. Best sub £20 CPU cooler
  227. Help Contemplating switching from SB i5 to IB i3
  228. Intel released schedule for 2014 leaked - no Broadwell??
  229. Using Intel 'T' model CPU's
  230. Amd Phenom II 940 bottle neck.
  231. AMD FX, A10 or Intel i5, if on a tight budget!
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  233. Help i5 4670K CPU cooler, looking at some new coolers, opinions wanted
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  235. i7 4770K unlocked CPU?
  236. I5 4670K crash during oc
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  239. Thermal Compound / Paste Choice
  240. Help Question on bottleneck of CPU with new GPU upgrade
  241. Some conformation on the H100i / H80i AIO
  242. Help CPU i5 4670k
  243. Quiet CPU Cooler for an Overclocked i7 4770K?
  244. Too Cool?
  245. Hot evo coolermaster temps for i5 4670k?
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  247. AMD CES 2014 Official Hub: APU - Kaveri, event content, gaming...
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  250. Help AMD APU A8 6600K Black Edition Vs AMD Athlon x4 760k