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  1. Help Severely garbled BIOS text and resolution malfunction. Dead GPU?
  2. Help UEFI boot and multiple HDD's
  3. Unable to view classifieds?
  4. DVD Burners failing, should I be worried?
  5. Spare PC not booting
  6. Resolved new setup with install problem
  7. Resolved Freezing on bootup, possibly RAM?
  8. Does this mean Win7 x64 knows not to defrag SSD?
  9. Determining cause of BSOD?
  10. Help Windows unavailable network drive handling
  11. Whats this cable?
  12. Why are my hard discs spinning all the time?
  13. Help 2nd SSD not recognised
  14. Help PC intermittently does not boot
  15. EMI buzzing in headphones
  16. VPN and internet passthrough issues.
  17. Asus Rampage 2 Extreme
  18. Help Hard drive doesn't work -- asks to format
  19. Random temperature jumping issue
  20. Help Synology DSM 5.1 WoL Log
  21. New PSU trips the electric circuit
  22. Can't access bios
  23. Stabalising I7 4770k
  24. Help new comp (problem)
  25. ESXi and Xpenology
  26. Help GPU Crashing
  27. System freezes as BIOS loads
  28. Help Ridiculously high ping times in Battlefield 4
  29. Monitor black boarder annoyance
  30. High Sub System Latency Causing Audio Issues
  31. Infinite Re-boot Loop - Windows 7 - :( Any bootable software suggestions?
  32. Resolved Z9PE-D8 WS Motherboard and R9 295X2 Issue with BIOS
  33. Help micro sdxc card - do sdhc micro card adapters work with sdxc cards?
  34. Ugh. PC assembly was going great, then explosion (fuse?) At PSU ruins everything.
  35. BSOD on XP laptop - NTFS drive not accessible in Hiren's MiniXP but visible in Linux?
  36. Help Can short cause permanent post/boot insatiability/corruption ?
  37. DELL Optiplex 755 SFF MOD advice
  38. Asus PB278Q monitor has suddenly decided to go funny
  39. Help Cpu over temperature error press f1 to resume [HELP]
  40. NEW AMD RIG - First Boot Unsucessfull - CPU LED
  41. DVR Zmodo D9104BH firmware
  42. Help System Fan has failed?
  43. Help LG bluray registry issue
  44. Asus X99-Deluxe and fan speeds
  45. Pressing left alt puts PC to sleep
  46. fan choice help! .5a or .4a?? which is better
  47. Network printer not responding to OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  48. Help Motherboard 1F Error Code
  49. Help Laptop Random shutdown twice now?
  50. Failed to play tone.
  51. Computer Crashing (Blackscreen, hard shutdown required)
  52. Resolved Laptop finally bitten the dust?
  53. Help Keyboard and Mouse not recognised at initial boot up.
  54. Hanging at BIOS screen.
  55. Motherboard or fan issue?
  56. Help SSD Format recovery - which one ?
  57. Help BSOD help
  58. Windows 8.1 Pro PC crashing a switch?
  59. Help HTPC - Switching between monitors by media-centre remote
  60. Windows 7 not loading
  61. Display corruption?
  62. Computer not showing a display after trying to plug in Corsair H80i to motherboard?
  63. Slow initial shared folder reading exactly each 3 minutes?
  64. Resolved System won't boot - suggestions?
  65. Help Excel 2010 IF Statements/Conditional Formatting
  66. Display settings?
  67. Help How best to benchmark your PC
  68. Fresh OSX Yosemite Install, HDMI TV Output Broken
  69. Help No Driver for Ethernet Connector
  70. Help Is it the CPU or the board?
  71. Laptop periodic dimming
  72. Help Installing Ethernet Cable between rooms
  73. Wet PC
  74. Help No video signal during boot-up and waking up from sleep
  75. Help! PC boots into BIOS fine but afterwards delivers a black screen
  76. Nvidia 7050/630a windows audio issue
  77. Help Wireless Device Conflict...
  78. Help Power issue
  79. Help building a new pc
  80. Help Strange problems with my intel I5 build
  81. Help Windows 8.1 System Thread Exception Not Handled (Atikmdag.sys)
  82. Help Gamer/beginner builder's worst nightmare.
  83. Help Windows 8.1 Installing Updates when updates turned off
  84. Motherboard won't post with GFX card in
  85. Resolved Partitioning an SSD
  86. Help I want to know if my Sony Memory Stick Duo Adapter will work?
  87. Resolved Bios update failure - Recovery methods?
  88. Powercolour R9 280X
  89. Help Youscrewb messing with video quality
  90. Help Powerline WIFI Extender
  91. Help R9 290 Fan Speed Issue
  92. SSD Issue with Windows 8.1
  93. Centre speaker distorted
  94. Monitor flickering, maddening!
  95. Help The dreaded bootmgr missing problem
  96. Hard drive issue
  97. Vacuum Cleaning Near A Desktop (on a carpet)
  98. eDeals Adware/Malware
  99. How to get adaptive mode working?
  100. Driver Installation, Where is corsair?
  101. Fault in my new build machine - need some help!
  102. Windows 8.1 shuts itself down
  103. Cloudy Looking Shadows in games.
  104. Help Bios Update Woes
  105. Toshiba HDD's
  106. Pc running slow
  107. Troubleshooting between MoBo, CPU and CPU fan
  108. Samsung Magician Conundrum
  109. Help BSOD becoming more frequent please help
  110. Toshiba Laptop Boot Problem
  111. Unable to make one display my main monitor for more than 10-15 seconds.
  112. Is my Graphics Card DOA?
  113. Help OBS Crashing entire network on fairly new fibre
  114. Strangely low data transfer speeds to new Samsung EVO 840 SSD?
  115. Hardrive not showing up in windows?
  116. Help 16GB ram issues
  117. Help 1 screw away from taking Motherboard out
  118. Topology Issue?
  119. SQL over Homegroups?
  120. Data Recovery Problems
  121. Recover data from suspect drive.
  122. Check DVD Drive / HDD Caddy compatibility
  123. Sometimes my mouse is glitchy upon reboot but not all the time.
  124. Help New home server issues - endless reboots
  125. Occasional bluescreens (Suspect RAM/CPU & XMP)
  126. itunes stopped working
  127. Questions About Backup Setup
  128. Loud POP but everything seems OK?!?!
  129. Resolved Firefox: change order of context menu/rightclicking on bookmarks toolbar
  130. Help PANIC! Memory errors... and... other stuff... Now will only boot from
  131. Resolved Strange issue with ESXi 4.1 and transferring files + trying to install from local iso
  132. PC shutting down after five seconds
  133. Printer setting issue?
  134. Help Upgrading from 1 monitor to 2 monitors and TV (AMD 7970)
  135. Help Anyway to use a USB stick for OS
  136. Deep fried HDDs - anyone revived such beasts before?
  137. PC won't post
  138. Help Only 2.75GB Useable RAM...
  139. Win7 not recognising changed DVDs
  140. new GPU not working with new system. Pretty stumped.
  141. Computer is not detecting my TV
  142. Cpanel Filtering - Any gurus out there?
  143. Help DDR3 RAM performance question
  144. Resolved URGENT: COM1 Port - Console Management - Issues
  145. Deep fried mobo?
  146. Help Strange Ghost screen/monitor issue using AMD 7870
  147. Help Issue with suspend/resume/restart
  148. Mobile Me & Outlook
  149. ASUS P5B-TMX/S (Mesh OEM) motheboard BIOS
  150. Resolved Top PCIE slot not working? Gigabyte UD4H
  151. Win7 vs XP Network/Database Access Puzzle
  152. Help Samsung 840 SSD issues.
  153. Help Unexpected shut down on first build! :'( How do I go about diagnosing this? EasyTune?
  154. Help Laptop for computer illiterate parents
  155. [SOLVED] Halfway through building and confused with ATX/EPS - help please! :'(
  156. Unbelievably Slow PC
  157. Help Razer keyboard not working
  158. Low Memory Warning? What?
  159. PC not turning on...what went bang?
  160. 1st Build Problems.
  161. Win 7 Internet Restriction/Parental Controls
  162. Graphics card problem
  163. Help internet google not working/giving "unsecure" error messages
  164. Resolved Freeware program to convert .MOV files to DVD?
  165. Gigabit Ethernet speed drops to 11MB instead of 60 MB when copying files between PCs
  166. Help Got a good one for you...
  167. Help Two faulty RAM sodimm modules at once?
  168. Power cut / surge changing boot order?
  169. 4 screens without SLI
  170. Help XFX Radeon 7790 1GB DD Edition
  171. Help Laptop sleep mode makes CPU go crazy
  172. Help HTPC Video Codecs W7 x64 (live TV)
  173. Recovering files
  174. Really wierd stuff just went down.
  175. Help USB front panel connector melted
  176. My steam games seem to be vanishing from my HDD
  177. Help Outlook calender as a screen saver
  178. Help Strange Hard Drive Problem
  179. Help Drivers for graphics cards
  180. How To Read Xbox 360 Flash Drive On PC???
  181. I think it's time for an upgrade!
  182. Someone trying to hack my eBay account
  183. Help BSOD only on cold boot - troubleshooting help
  184. Help Constant reboot after overclock...
  185. Help Pinpointing the fault
  186. MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 No Quicktime Export
  187. Resolved BIOS Reset by itself, and Shutdown issue. Need help identifying cause.
  188. Any dell VIP members?
  189. Setting up new SSD
  190. What's my bottleneck and what's the best upgrade path?
  191. Radeon 7950 - Crashes to random coloured screen
  192. Problems with XFX Radeon 7790 1GB
  193. For anyone who still works with XP machines - recurring/massive lag issue
  194. Infuriating wifi issue - Unidentified Network
  195. Samsung 1510 Laser Printer - Help!
  196. Radeon Driver issue
  197. Adjusting refresh rates on W7 64 bit standard video drivers?
  198. Help Yellow/blue dots everywhere
  199. Help A very long system lag
  200. Help Self build system unstable
  201. Help Strange rebooting issue I've had for years
  202. strange Monitor resolution poor output. (with pics)
  203. H100i not showing up in Link software.
  204. Help computer boots to bios every boot???
  205. Help Another Windows Freezing Thread!
  206. Memory underclocked, showing 1333Mhz instead of 1600Mhz
  207. R9 280X High Temps...
  208. Keyboard lag on ACER laptop.....
  209. Help Windows movie maker,import problems
  210. Laptop Temps...
  211. Help PC makes USB disconnect/connect noise
  212. asrock 55 pro reset and power buttons flashing, wont turn on.
  213. PC Running slow after upgrade...
  214. Resolved Amazon.co.uk crashing browser ?
  215. cold boot - no gfx on 1st boot - but then re-boot and works all day
  216. Help New Build Win 7 Mouse Problems
  217. Help static ip do i set up on router or device
  218. Resolved Need some free Video file conversion software
  219. Help Laptop Wireless keeps dropping/cutting out - New card or reformat?
  220. Help Monitor enters power save mode on start up!
  221. XP Machine Can't Ping Itself
  222. Help I need to find ivybridge pin layout for cpu socket 1155
  223. 2nd hand laptop has encription.. uhoh!
  224. Help pc powering down a new buid
  225. SBS 2011e / XP SP2 clients and regular freezing
  226. System appears to have power, no boot/bios
  227. Networking problems with home group as well as streaming to TV.
  228. Help Memory disappearing/reappearing
  229. Help Stock i5 4670k with intel stock heatsink fan reaches 100 celcius in IBT
  230. Help Something Blew Up
  231. Help Red CPU light when I install my graphics card
  232. Resolved PC Post's OK but black screen after BIOS
  233. Help Asus Motherboard CPU Led Red
  234. Can no longer select 1920 x 1080? Display just turns off?
  235. Gigabyte GA-970 DS3 onboard sound (alc997 codec) no sound output.
  236. MDT 2012 Deploy Issue
  237. Help Netgear Switch Fans
  238. Help Network Weirdness
  239. Help Need to fix a laptop
  240. Help Mouse pointer is jerky. Enhance pointer precision option is not working well in Win 7
  241. Help No Sound on HDMI Output from AMD GPU
  242. Help Computer not booting into Windows...
  243. Cannot Sign Out Of Office 365
  244. Help Computer freezes (seemingly randomly) but not in safe mode
  245. No audio
  246. Hey Guys I'm Dumb and need help!
  247. Help Keyboard Troubleshooting
  248. [Help] System crashes without BSOD
  249. Help System crashes and BSOD
  250. I7 3520M Lenovo Z580 , only getting ( 1 MB ) file transfer rates , please help ?!!