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  1. Help Central Heating Control
  2. Gardening Tips - Second Hand Garden Furniture
  3. Starter toolkit recommendations
  4. Help Lot's of mail from past owner to our house
  5. Homebase CLosing Down Sale Oct 18
  6. "Drill All" drill bits
  7. How can I find out/work out what bolts I need for my decking?
  8. DIY AV Cooling
  9. Help Outdoor Paint
  10. Wanted - AA to D cell convertors
  11. 40w LED Batten lamp 3600 lumens
  12. Help Garage
  13. Walk-in shower Splash guard type of thing?
  14. Our mate Alex Banks at the MACH 2018 Machine show
  15. Buying a new sofa
  16. Water Softener
  17. LED Flood lights for the garage
  18. Cheap drill bits....
  19. Which wax/oil for wood smells the nicest?
  20. Trees in winter
  21. Toilet Cistern overflowing into bowl
  22. Help Sheds / Man-Caves
  23. what preservative for a shed
  24. What is your loft water tank lagged in?
  25. Right. these LED strip lights.....
  26. LED lights for garage/workshop?
  27. Livin' on the edge
  28. I need a shed....
  29. How to heat a very old house?
  30. radiator trims
  31. Help Washing machine purchase advice
  32. Carpets at home
  33. What active energy saving measures do you take?
  34. Where to find hardwood panels?
  35. Knifes, knifes for doing "stuff" with
  36. Bosch professional tools... moaning time.
  37. Help Drain covers - where can I get one from?
  38. Remote Heating Controls - a few questions
  39. Help Custom Case I/O and MB placement
  40. Hedge Trimming - a dangerous occupation
  41. Deodorant
  42. Fixing a projector to a thin ceiling
  43. Help Cooling for Server Room located under stairs.
  44. what wood finish for a birch cajon?
  45. Help Door Cylinders
  46. Volunteers needed please to read and digest a blog
  47. Help Home CCTV
  48. Painting hidden plaster - Should I bother?
  49. Help Ivy Removal
  50. All in one steam/carpet cleaner?
  51. Help Home cinema ideas/questions
  52. Help Mortgage
  53. Garden shed lighting
  54. Help Where do i stand with these boots
  55. Uncontrollable damp - renting
  56. Need a specific sort of magazine storage, any ideas
  57. Furniture polish for wood
  58. Help Recommend me a Fridge Freezer
  59. Help Satellite dish + LNB
  60. Armored mains cable
  61. Sticker removal
  62. Help Big backpack/carrier bag to carry monitor in box
  63. Help Cleaning a dirty oil stain off a block driveway
  64. What light bulb for computer room ceiling light?
  65. Help Help me find a specific adhesive tape
  66. Washing machine service manuals?
  67. Can anyone identify this bug?
  68. So I needed to prune a couple of trees
  69. impact drivers - any good?
  70. Cordless lawn mowers?
  71. A lost art
  72. Help DIY TV stand / french cleat / bookcase conversion
  73. Beds for children - advice needed
  74. Caulking / sealant gun recommendations?
  75. varnishing
  76. Starting a chainsaw
  77. Help Lawnmowers
  78. Xmas trees!
  79. Steam Cleaners
  80. Fire risks prompt tumble dryer recall
  81. Need a LED garden light
  82. DDIY - Legit Handyman Services ?
  83. Invisible locks ?
  84. Help How do i fit a 3.5 mm jack to vintage crystal microphone?
  85. Fitting my own kitchen, DIY gone OTT or possible?
  86. Boilers....
  87. Buying firewood
  88. Help Energy comparison
  89. Man shed - advice
  90. Has anyone hired a carpenter before?
  91. Tax Exemption Could Let Brazil Reach 2GW Rooftop Solar by 2024
  92. USB/Solar Charge Controller
  93. Default on rental agreement?
  94. Storage in Ziploc bags
  95. Accidents that can occur in your own garage
  96. Where to buy Fridge Freezers?
  97. Resolved Rescued bird
  98. Laying a Base for a shed
  99. Getting the Screws back in the jar
  100. Solar panels via Green Energy Electrical
  101. What white goods?
  102. Woodworm Advice please
  103. Growing Chillies
  104. Help Floor on top of an existing floor?
  105. Ok to run a bathroom light without the cover on it?
  106. TV on chimney breast help
  107. Help It's that time again: LED bulbs - recommendations?
  108. Help When and what to re-seed my lawn with for next year.
  109. Help how to do with holding a small scale wedding party
  110. HEPA air purifier's still working?
  111. Help Vax?
  112. Help Ironing -> Steam irons?
  113. Piezo igniters and HT leads
  114. Anyone used a good conveyencer recently?
  115. Cut the grass
  116. Installing Solar_cells
  117. Running extractor fan off a dimmer switch?
  118. Handheld vacuum
  119. Cleaning experiences
  120. Help Immersion heater removal
  121. Repainting Tile grout
  122. Painting - safety gear, masks
  123. Londoners
  124. Storing China and Silverware
  125. Running power to a shed (2 core/3 core + RCD?)
  126. Tools that do lots of jobs
  127. Fence Post Driver
  128. Help Which Greenhouse?
  129. Barbecue Season - gas or charcoal?
  130. Where can I buy thin rigid plastic sheets?
  131. Home automation - What have you got ?
  132. Spec me a shed!
  133. Moving up North...
  134. Detail Sanders
  135. Kreg tools and jigs
  136. First Utility & Ovo Energy...any good?
  137. Solar-powered LED security lights - any good?
  138. Rented house >Faulty door lock >Stuck child > Hammer/chisel > open door >responsible?
  139. Help Loft Conversion - Yay or Nay? Advise please!
  140. Outside Light tripping earth leakage.
  141. Mystery switch behind TV - absolutely BAFFLED!
  142. Hive Active Heating
  143. Landlord/Tenant Responsibilities
  144. Voltage Between Microwave And Sink?
  145. How hard is it, to fit Thermostatic Valves?
  146. Ironing
  147. New fridge
  148. Strong back needed
  149. Battery Powered Hand Held Dyson - Any Good ?
  150. Help Dead central heating pump?
  151. [Plumbing] Honestly, this pump is the most irksome thing.
  152. Help Recommend me some clippers; for hair.
  153. Mice
  154. Help Best Boiler care plan?
  155. Help Toilet not flushing - it's concealed so access is tricky.
  156. Halloween vandalism
  157. laundry smelling after washing - any washing machine experts out there?
  158. how best to treat mould
  159. Have you turned your central heating on yet?
  160. Repairing Cooker Hob Swtichy Knob things
  161. Dog marking territory in the house
  162. insulating 1970s house
  163. Garden= cat toilet
  164. Washing Machine warning light - "water level is below heater" warning
  165. Brabantia Washing Line
  166. Washing a Double Duvet - really?
  167. Cleaning windows - what to use?
  168. Help Water Butt Pump (huh huh huh)
  169. Really low table - coffe or otherwise
  170. Home Bar...realistic goal or pie in the sky dream?
  171. The Shed Appreciation Society
  172. Wallpapering on plasterboard
  173. Portable Camping Wagon ?
  174. Timber Lengths Cut to size
  175. 11pm 4th July, England.. a warm evening......and the Night Scented Stock is lovely
  176. Help HELP: What Drill Adapter...
  177. Draw runners
  178. Help Small DIY question. Cupboard door hinge has come off. Cheap wood
  179. Pressure Sensitive Touch Light Switch
  180. water softening systems
  181. Help Could I be stuffed?
  182. In door Temperature monitoring?
  183. DIY tips
  184. Selling House Online through HouseNetwork + 5% off code
  185. Aerogarden , has any one used one ?
  186. How much was your last quarter's gas/electricity bill ?
  187. Barbecue Issue
  188. Door Intercom System
  189. Help Recommend me....a Gas/Elec Supplier!
  190. platform beds ?
  191. So my heating is making a noise......
  192. Indemnity insurance - unadopted estate roads
  193. Have you got £18 spare?
  194. {Inglefield} Next project... sunken trampoline
  195. Chickens
  196. Home Garden
  197. Propane or Butane for camping stove.
  198. Help Offer Accepted - Worth a Survey (6 yo house)
  199. Some photos of on-going garden update (img heavy)
  200. What plant is this?
  201. Heard of a scam where workman erect scaffold unsolicited?
  202. Washing machine on suspended wooden floor
  203. Help Potential Houses...
  204. $10 LED Cree Light Bulb
  205. Builders Working late into the night.
  206. Mounting a Flat-panel TV on Chimney-breast...
  207. Help Converting inchs to m2 (meter square)
  208. Looking for Dark Grey ( non twill ) Flexible Carbon Fibre Vinyl ?
  209. Help Decking over manhole!
  210. Computery stuff around the house
  211. Help Your opinion on this house...
  212. Trying to open something with a paper thin gap
  213. I must be looking in the wrong places, can I get a good thick blanket for sensible £
  214. Paint and refunds....
  215. Dehumidifiers
  216. Help Squeaky Clarks shoes
  217. Help New flat, list of problems...
  218. Help Need a new front door. Who should we use / avoid?
  219. Need advice on surveillance cameras
  220. Lime Green Double sockets for kitchen
  221. Help Washing Machine & Dryer Required
  222. Decent corded phone with speakerphone
  223. Internally threaded tubes ?
  224. CFL Bulbs
  225. We haven't cleaned the bathroom floor in 2 years, any pointers?
  226. Help Reducing sunlight through window
  227. Help Night Vision Camera
  228. Help Fitting downlights in a bathroom?
  229. What would you do when it comes to plumbing - Survey says?
  230. Washing machine leaving sand-like white flakes/granules on clothes?
  231. Fitting Gas cooker
  232. What's a good houseplant to get?
  233. Help Jewsons - ever used them?
  234. Old door locks
  235. Help Home Security
  236. It fits!
  237. What's eating my chives
  238. What's this plant?
  239. Help Sourcing Door Hinge...
  240. Power tool advice - DIY'ers in here please
  241. Help Re-Seal bath - Very little access
  242. Roundup on unwanted grass.
  243. Help Removing an Internal Wall
  244. Bonsai at Hexus
  245. Help WANTED: PLAIN STRONG FABRIC to make a Log Basket liner
  246. I am a DIY n00b ... help with putting up a shelf please :D
  247. Stripping backing paper
  248. Help woodworm treatment
  249. Help Any ideas how best to build this? Its a Wash-out Booth, need a big sink
  250. low , wide shelving units ?