We have released a BETA driver package for our Vengeance Headsets which supports Windows 8.1.

We encourage you to test and provide feedback for this release as it is not final and we are monitoring the situation closely as we continue to work and improve our software.

It is recommend that if you are experiencing any sound issues, please ensure the following:
1.Open your Control Panel.
2.Click on Sound.
3.Right click on your Vengeance headset.
4.Select Properties.
5.Select the Advanced tab.
6.Ensure the Default Format is at 16bit, 48000hz (DVD Quality).
7.Click Apply.

This driver is for the Vengeance 1500, 1500 V2, 2000, and 2100 Gaming Headsets.

Download here: http://forum.corsair.com/upload/Cors...ase_2.0.25.zip

2.0.25 Release Notes:
Resolves Dolby 5.1 Mode Rear Channel Volume Inconsistency Issue.
Resolves Sampling Rate Issue with 44.1kHz.
Resolves Windows 8.1 issues.
Eliminates 8kHz and 16kHz sampling rates as options.
Improved Positional Accuracy in Surround Mode.
No longer supports Windows XP