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Thread: Flashy lights

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    Flashy lights

    Help. i've got a 4 year old Nissan Almera dCi that has got a handbrake light that flashes intermittently, mainly when going over bumps or round corners, also the srs warning light is flashing constantly and there is a cd jammed in the player. other than that the car is fine. any ideas?

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    Re: Flashy lights

    ideas? New car

    Only joking. Hand brake light sounds like either the handbrake isn't down fully (enough for handbrake to be off and free but still tripping the sensor, my A3 used to) or a bad connection as bumps are making it spark and think it's connected.

    SRS warning light means get it checked out NOW, if it has airbags you want to know they are working before you might need them.

    As for the CD well if you plan to upgrade the player then getting the CD is easy, if not then maybe have the car looked at by someone who will be able to fix all 3 problems.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Flashy lights

    Hand brake warning lights are normaly also used for low hydrolic fluid in the brake master cylinder. The chances are at 4 years old the fluid has never been changed or even checked find a good independant guarage to empty the system and re fill it (brake fluid is hydroscopic so over time as it absorbs water the boiling point drops off), it's not a hard job to do but unless you have a presurised bleading tool avalable it's a 2 person job and you must dispose of the waste fluid through your local tip.

    SRS is the airbag, and if the light is flashibg then thats an MOT fail, any number of things could cause it from the relitivlt cheap (sensors) up to stupidly expensive. You need to get that checked on a fault reader. If you are very lucky a fault code reset may fix the problem.

    The CD may be a bit harder to get too. Maybe Hitman is right and it's new car time. Disconnecting it from the battery may cause it to spit the offending item out when it's reconnected.

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