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I genuinely enjoyed last night's episode, particularly the bit about the French car.

Chris Harris is a genuinely cool dude who I love to follow in the racing series he dips in and out of.

Matt LeBlanc is a bit full-on, but that's to be expected of any American presenter; he's still a million times more endearing than ginger-radio-2-guy ever was.

Rory Reid is still awkward in front of the camera, when in the studio, and seems a little left out, but he knows how to review a car and get his point across.

Anyone that's not given this latest series a chance - do so, it's "not as bad as you might think."
Rory strikes me as the only one who'd be any good on a "serious" motoring show like TGs original format. He's growing into the series but still seems a bit starstruck at times.