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Thread: Favourite oils and lubes :-)

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    Re: Favourite oils and lubes :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by hb904460 View Post
    Sewing machine oil and specialist bearing oil for my fishing reels. 3in1 and WD40 for light jobs, loctite copper lube as a stick for brake pads etc
    The stick makes so little mess in comparison to a tub and you can get a nice thin layer with no wastage
    I tried the copper slip stick last weekend (sorting a sticky caliper), it's brilliant, so much less mess than the tubes!

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    Re: Favourite oils and lubes :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by ik9000 View Post
    wtf? Surely only the americans? But if you go back to old British chemistry textbooks you can find them riddled with talk of sulfates, sulfites and the like. The English is sulphates, and these days I think the proper chemistry nomenclature is to apend the oxidation state to differentiate between different forms of sulphur oxide rather than spelling. However move to other industries (concrete) for example and you will still find the older system clinging on. :|
    I went through college spelling it sulphur and our tutor would correct anyone who spelt it sulfur, but the iupac spelling is indeed sulfur. It just feels wrong. But to be fair, the iupac name for Al is aluminium yet Americans insist on calling it aluminum anyway. The difference being that's actually pronounced differently and the latter pronunciation does irk me, especially when someone British has picked up the pronunciation from Youtube or something and adopts it. :shudder:

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