My rant has different parts to it, but they are all relevant, if slightly drunkenly typed
i was made to walk to school, starting with nursery and all the way up to the end of secondary school. i walked with my mom or nan till year 6, but after that i was on my own. i learned enough road sense in those 6 or 7 years from my parents not to be a silly little bugger and get run over.

i used to have driving lessons at 3pm on fridays, and i pretty much always had to drive past a group of kids coming out from school, who found it oh-soo-funny to jump out on me, or just stand there in the road in front of me (scared em sh*tless when i didn't stop, haha).

speed cameras are a pretty good deterrent to slow people down when they need to be slowed, like in built-up areas and other places, but putting them on A-roads, where no-one is living and there's nothing wrong with a nice fast blat around is just daylight robbery from safe motorists. Admittedly, there are a few dicks who spoil it for everyone else, but just putting up cameras for collecting extra funds/votes takes the p*ss.

....end rant.... return to Southern Comfort and muttering....