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Thread: Spraying Fans

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    Spraying Fans

    I'm putting a window in one of my cases - it's sprayed an aluminium/silvery colour.

    Now, I hate window appliques and stupid fan guars - I like thin wire metal fan guaurds that let the air through and keep fingers out.

    Anyway, that means the fan is visible behind them, even more so in a clear case. Now, I see that I have two choices.

    1. Buy an LED Fan
    2. Spray a fan.

    I already have LED fans, so I fancy spraying. Now, I'd have to carefully protect the hub so that paint doesn't get into it. I was just wondering if anybody had done this before and had any tips?
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    yeh ive done it before... just mask the edges off... and give it a light spray.. nowt hard about it.

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