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Thread: Case Painting now available at kustompcs

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    Case Painting now available at kustompcs

    I was very shocked to see this as its normally something you have to get done at your local car paint shop by begging or speaking to some1 in the US.

    Their test case looks daaaaamn good

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    I think there simply going to take the cases to a body shop and get them sprayed as they couldn't afford the kind of kit to get that finish just on the off chance that someone wants it doing

    Would concider monitor paiting though, it'd have to be some top insurance because if they broke it they'd be paying for a new one

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    I've seen that case in real life and the matching Cooler Master aluminium keyboard - wow! The inside of the door is blue as well as the door edges but the fascia remains silver anodised.

    The case is dismantled to paint the chosen areas and re-built - along with the multiple coats and preparation, it is quite a time consuming chore. Because it is not prduction line, you do not have to accept what they give you.

    It is probably more resistant to marking than the bare anodised aluminium and, if the worst comes to the worst - you can T-Cut it!

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