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Thread: Case recommendations

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    Case recommendations

    Hi there, i'm new here but i've been reading through hexus for a while now. I would appreciate some help on choosing a case if you guys would. It will be for an i7 build in the future most likely using a R2E mobo. The requirements would be to be quiet in general use (aside from using fan controllers) but also have the opportunity to expand into WCing down the line.
    I would prefer clean designs. Not the 'gamer' types of HAF, antec 9,12s and so forth. Prices I would prefer would be sub £200 really although can be adjusted depending. I would also prefer a full tower with an aluminium build.

    Case will be storing atleast 3 hard-drives for storage also and an SSD.

    Cases i've been looking at so far are:

    Lian Li A70F - Large, chance for wcing, sleek design. Good cable management opportunities. - cons: top harddrive cages could be too far for PSU (Corsair HX1000)

    Lian Li P80 - Huge, great opportunity for watercooling, Sleek (not like haf imo), Cable management opportunities. - cons: expensive, i've also read it can be quite loud.

    Coolermaster ATCS840 - Large, again can be watercooled, cable management, cons: plastic parts, flimsy panels (apparantly) and also can be loud with vibration, window is also hard to come by so looks to be a daring mod on myself.

    TJ07 - Massive, opportunities are great for watercooling and cable management, easily dismanteled - cons: Expensive, requires modding for true potential (just being picky)

    TJ9 / 10 - Seems a good case, made from alu, window, opportunity for WC. cons: the door, mixed reviews on thermal efficiency

    A couple mid-towers have also caught my eyes aswell these being the

    Silverstone FT01 - Great air cooling, full alu build, good cable management, black internal, window - Only main problem is mismatched bezel colour to shell.

    Lian Li PC7FNW - Sleek, tidy indented window flush with side, basic cable management, looks to have good storage although restrictive airflow. Very cheap for quality mind.

    Lian Li B25F

    Seems all require a bit of modding so i'm not really fussed on that front as eventually i'd plan to spray the internals black if required. Any further knowledge and recommendations on these cases will be fully appreticated because i've read that many reviews and such, i'm now more confused than when i started haha.

    Thank you in advance,

    p.s. sorry for the essay on the subject haha and the forum won't let me post urls yet

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    Re: Case recommendations

    I'd go with either the Lian Li options or Silverstone options.

    Silverstone are mod friendly cases in terms of watercooling, TJ07 being the ones used in the MurderMod by Nils.

    Just to confuse things though (i've been looking at cases as well for a decent upgrade), i've been giving some serious thought to the Lian Li PC-X500B, although it's slightly above the £200 bracket :/

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