I'm upgrading my PC and I figure that I might as well replace my aging Thermaltake Shark case while I'm at it (mainly due to the lack of 2.5" bays and the size.

Currently, the Shark is standing on the floor (works very well as a vacuum cleaner, I'll admit) but I think I'd like to move away from the old philosophy I built my PCs to (several HDD) to just having 2 SSDs and a single data HDD. I'm even considering moving to a "no optical drive" build (for the first time since the 90s), figuring that Steam and other programs will handle the copyright issues now and, if I do play an old game, I can always use USB 3.0 for that and for backups.

That said, what do people think of the Thermaltake V21 Core case as a "stand on the desk" option?

(Sorry for not linking the case, I've yet to get my 5 posts, so can't post URLs yet - ebuyer, I know, has the case.)