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Thread: Hose/bard/thread change

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    Hose/bard/thread change

    Need a little help

    Basically I'm going water cooling by the end of the month and I have all ½ ID tubing stuff. I haven’t bought the hose yet as I'm away from home for a week. I was thinking of using smaller hose as my case is quite cramped already as I have four HDD and three 5 ¼ bays already in use. I really do not want to modd my case.

    If I do use smaller tubing/hose say 3/8 thread will there be a massive performance difference.

    The stuff I have so far:

    1/2" TDX Athlon64
    Laing 12V-D5 Pump
    1/2" XSPC R120-D
    Danger Den Single Bay
    Swiftech MCB120 "Radbox"

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    7/16 is optimal, not sure if it will work on that block but it should as it fits snugly over 1/2 barbs.
    If you have a 'push fit' type connector get some of these:
    That'll convert the block's current fittings down to match your 10/8 tubing.

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    7/16ths works fine on tdx's, you just need to sit the end of the tube in a mug of (very) hot water for a couple of minutes before it goes on.

    As far as going to a drastically smaller size goes, youre buggered if you want to use that pump, as the barbs arent replaceable

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