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Thread: Water Cooling Noobus

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    Water Cooling Noobus

    having thought about this for a bit (day and a half, thinking hurts if overdone) and having acquired a couple of cases for nowt (1 of which may well need attention from my dremmel), i'm gonna give water cooling a blast. A mate of mine has just replaced his existing kit which is......

    Blackice extreme 120mm rad
    Sunon 120mm x 38mm fan
    Hydor l20 pump 240v
    Asetek Anartica waterblock
    Asetek upright res
    Asetek safe start

    now thinking that instead of slashing out on a new water kit, that to just get started and see how things go, to see how much he wants for his. is this kit any good to be starting with? The only prob that i can see is that the block may not be compatible with an am2 set-up and looking round (either been looking in the wrong place etc) there doesn't seem to be many am2 compatible blocks, and a little bit of surgery may be required to fit the rad/fan on the back.

    is there anything else that i need to look out for before diving head first?

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    Thats not a bad kit to get started with really. It looks like an Asetek kit to me, as they bundle in the hydor pump and sunon fans etc. I used to run an Asetek kit myself.

    You should get decent cooling from it, as you say, you might need to get a new cpu block, but that wont be an issue.

    The only drawback to the kit you listed above is the rad only having a single 120mm fan. BlackIce radiator are very good, but the dual 120mm rads are requiring to get the most out of any w/c setup.

    Also, dont forget to add anti-algae fluid to the water!

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