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Thread: Resident Evil 5

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    Re: Resident Evil 5

    Quote Originally Posted by steve threlfall View Post
    You certainly can my friend

    I have completed this level so many times now that I have an almost perfect method

    I head into the first room and grab the ammo, including the shotgun ammo usually found in the barrel and the grenade in the fruit. You can choose to block the door and window or just head outside straight away. I like to do that and kill as many enemies as possible to get the extra items. More often than not you can grab an extra grenade or two along with the shotgun shells and handgun ammo, which are the more often occurring items in my experience. The grenades are a key factor in beating the executioner imo.

    When the axe man smashes through the gate, make a dash for it into the main area and then turn round and lob your grenade at his feet. Hopefully, a bunch of enemies will be killed by this and he'll be stunned. Run in there and punch him/roundhouse (if playing as Sheva) and then quick turn and leg it towards the first hut on the right (underneath the executioners platform). Before entering, turn back and shoot the canisters to hold up and the enemies and executioner. If you're lucky here, he should sustain some more damage. Get into the hut and have Sheva barricade the door while you grab the MG ammo and smash the crate for hg bullets or shotgun shells. Beware of the wall that the axe man will be smashing through by now . If you have time there is a cabinet with hg bullets in and another one next to the breakable wall with those all important grenades (Incendiary/Standard). Exit the room via the window and grab the machine gun from the top right.

    Run past the explosive canisters and look down towards what is probably about 5/6 regular enemies and the executioner heading towards your position. Target the vent thing on a pole above the adjacent hut to stun any enemies who are in close proximity (you can shoot it multiple times when its on the ground to stun enemies further). Use grenades at his feet for some hard-hitting damage and move in for close punch/kick attacks when he is stunned. There is another grenade in the fruit in the centre of this area and after you hit him with that, he should be getting close to keeling over. If hes still coming at you, head into the next hut through the window and grab the mg ammo, 3/4 lots of hg bullets and green herb. Wait for him to smash through the wall and let him have with the mg. When he gets close, leap out the window you came in and he will walk back around to your position. This gives you another opportunity to shoot him from afar. Repeat this process and you can sometimes kill him even before your air support tells you that he is nearly there

    Further green herbs are located above the start building, as you mentioned in your post and above the hut mentioned above, by the carriage. Sometimes he will get a lucky hit on you and/or Sheva and it'll be game over- keep trying and you'll get him

    I shoot him with the rocket launcher.

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    Re: Resident Evil 5

    Quote Originally Posted by GhostITM View Post

    I shoot him with the rocket launcher.
    I use the L-Hawk and/or Hyra now.

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