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Thread: Sony pull Continous Play.

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    Sony pull Continous Play.

    Seems what ever forum you read, you see Continuous Play mentioned when someone has any issues with their PS3. Normally people advising that you sign up, wait a few days then make a claim and then a month later cancel the cover. Well seems Sony have cottoned on, and have pulled the service for now.

    Dear Continuous Players, we set up this service ultimately to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective way to ensure that your experience with PlayStation 3 & PSP was as seamless and hassle free as possible. Unfortunately, some individuals have chosen to abuse this service and as a consequence we feel that we have no option but to suspend Continuous Play and postpone acceptance of new Continuous Play plans until further notice. We will of course honour existing customer's policies and look to amend the existing provision so that it is less vulnerable to exploitation. Sincere apologies

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    Re: Sony pull Continous Play.

    I see where they are coming from but only to a certain point. The PS3 is the most expensive console by quite a long way, it should last at least five years before breaking down so to be asked to pay £120 to have your £300 console repaired is a cheek.

    I have offered advice that people sign up for CP when there console has broken, in saying this I have signed up for it and mine is working perfectly ok.

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