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Thread: Is the Dell 2709W good for use with PS3?

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    Is the Dell 2709W good for use with PS3?

    Good day to all,

    I'm currently saving up for a dell 27inch the 2709w as it seems to have gotten good reviews as a monitor is 27 inches (the biggest I would consider for a display until I stop moving around as much as I am at the moment!)

    So I wanted to see if anyone on the forums was using this display with a PS3 and if they could give me opinions so how it performs. Image quality is a big thing for me mostly because I was given a load of Blu-rays for my birthday and I want to watch them in all their glory, especially Planet Earth.


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    Re: Is the Dell 2709W good for use with PS3?

    used to use my 2407w as the display for my ps3 and the image quality is fantastic, no complaints what so ever. i did have to use a hdmi to dvi cable though - yours will probably have a hdmi cable. oh and dont forget you will need to have your sound going through an amp or something as the monitor doesnt have speakers

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