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Thread: 10 milliion copies sold of PS2 game Kingdom Hearts

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    10 milliion copies sold of PS2 game Kingdom Hearts

    “When we first started developing KINGDOM HEARTS, we never imagined we would pass the 10 million mark so quickly,” says series producer Shinji Hashimoto. “We are delighted and extremely grateful for the support from our fans around the globe. We hope to continue to provide games which fulfill your anticipation in the future.”
    I'm glad this game did well, it's one of my favourite games on PS2. Especially great for kids! Mind you, never got close to completing it.

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    must admit the ads always intrigued me, is it kinda like final fantasy

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    The battles are more like Zelda than Final Fantasy (only with 2 characters offering back up) i.e. pressing a button swings your sword (keyblade).

    I've only played the first one so far, and quite enjoyed it.
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