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    V+ box


    I am interested in getting HD from my V+ box to my HD TV. Unfortunately I only have a DVI and component video inputs on my TV. The HDMI to DVI conversion cable does not work, so currently looking for a alternative. I have yet to try the component video. I have also found out the HDTV I have is not HDCP complient. The technical information available is very poor. I would be interested in anyone having the same problem.


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    Welcome to Hexus

    You would probably have been better posting this query in the Audio Visual sub forum.

    Sounds like your only option is to use component video. Strange that the HDMI/DVI adapter doesn't work, have you tried another adapter? I know some Samsung panels don't take a DVI signal into their HDMI port because they require the output to be HDCP compliant, even if there is no HDCP encription in the signal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul-1951 View Post
    I have also found out the HDTV I have is not HDCP complient.Paul
    If your TV isn't HDCP compliant, and the V+ box is outputting a HDCP signal, then the HDMI/DVI definitely won't work. HDCP isn't a feature of HDMI cables - it's a feature of the transmitted digital signal - the type of cable it travels down is irrelevant (for digital cables of course). Assuming the V+ box is outputting a HDCP signal, your only options are to use the component feed, or buy a box that strips HDCP from digital signals (and use a HDMI->DVI cable).

    If it's not HDCP getting in the way, it may be down to the resolutions your TV can accept via DVI @ 50Hz - check the specs. Which TV is it?
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    Virgin V+ box with HDTV

    Thanks for the replies to my querie. My TV is a Videoseven LT32D. It looks as though the HDTV option is only available by using the component video signal and not the DVI. I have set up my V+ box to output HDMI using component at 1080. This worked fine. It looks as though the HDCP option is disabled as I have been informed the V7 LT32D model is not HDCP complient.

    Unfortunately the TV instruction book is not very clear, hence the confusion. It would of been better to have waited and gone for a TV that is HDMI ready. This seems to be the standard for TVs able to receive HDMI connectivity.

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