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Thread: Best Budget 2.1 Speakers

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    Best Budget 2.1 Speakers

    Hi Guys,

    Now I'm aware there are a fair few threads on this subject already but very few of them touch on the subject of budget (ie sub £30) speakers. These are going to be a Christmas present for my sister and hopefully an improvement over some cheap 2.0 speakers she has had for ages. She will be using them for music and some gaming and ideally it would be good to have headphone socket and volume control on one of the speakers, for ease of access.

    These are some of the ones I'm considering but suggestions are welcome.

    Altec Lansing VS2321 2.1 Speakers - £29.85 Scan
    Creative i-Trigue White 2.1 L3450 Speakers Titanium Retail Hi-End - £29.36 Scan (Today Only)
    Creative Inspire Black T3100 2.1 Speaker System - £24.66 Scan
    Logitech X-230 Multimedia Speaker System - £23.99 Amazon

    Now to be honest I've heard both good and bad things about them all, the Altec Lansing speakers always seem to be highly praised but I have seen negative reviews on Amazon, as with all these speakers. Does anyone have these particular ones? What about the others? Creative and Logitech have always seemed good to me but there are plenty of people out there who complain about the poor bass control and other sound quality issues.

    Hope someone can help.



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    Re: Best Budget 2.1 Speakers

    I've been very impressed with my Logitech X-230 set, the sound quality is very very good and the bass levels seem appropriate, it's easily the best 2.1 system I've heard in that price range!
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