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Thread: Can't get toslink optical to work on soundcard! :(

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    Can't get toslink optical to work on soundcard! :(

    I've got a Fortissimo II soundcard. I'm currently trying to get it hooked up to my Azur 340R AV Receiver. However, I can't get it to play any sound whatsoever! I've made sure it's in the soundcard's digital OUT and it goes to the AVR's digital IN. I've selected the right channel on the AVR (Video 2) and also the right audio type to digital.

    Anyone have any ideas? I'm going to try and reinstall different soundcard drivers tonight and also take out the soundcard and inspect the digital out connector as it didn't have the cap in it and it's been sitting in my PC for a fair while now (could dust in the optical connection on the soundcard cause a problem???).

    Any tips please! Is there anything in Win XP which you have to changed for it to output sound via optical digital? I'm using a toslink Cambridge Audio fibre optic cable.

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Can't get toslink optical to work on soundcard! :(

    when you look on the rear side of the card - can you see the red light in the optical output at all? If so - there is some signal there, so look for newer drivers perhaps
    if not - the card might be broken.

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