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Thread: Another freesat question...

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    Another freesat question...

    The other week I asked about freesat HD vs freeview HD. I've decided on freesat HD, but just want to know one thing. We live in rented accommodation and the previous tenants had Sky + so I assume that means they had a dish (sorry for my lack of knowledge, I've never had any dealings with any type of satellite based tv before so haven't the faintest idea about it), but I'm wondering if it will work with a freesat HD box. The freesat website isn't that useful and states that "often" if you have received UK channels before, you should be able to get freesat, but does that mean this dish should also be able to pick up HD signals? Also, how do I know if the dish is pointing in the right direction? Do I need to get someone to change the direction or what?

    Cheers for any advice.

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    Re: Another freesat question...

    If you assume the existing dish is pointing in the correct direction (28.2E), that the wiring is sound and everything works as it should, you'll be able to receive HD channels without doing anything to the dish at all
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