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Thread: Portable Speaker suggestions

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    Re: Portable Speaker suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by Millennium View Post
    You know I was seriously thinking of going for the minirig 2 badboi .... but I'm not yet rich and it would represent over 4 days income.

    So I'm going to fold and go for your pick. Many thanks

    PS if anyone else is thinking of doing the same do beware apparently it's not very loud, the bass could be better, there are quality control issues and it's not beachproof. Also, the Bluetooth range is reportedly not great.
    Wow, might have reconsidered myself if I had read those reviews!

    All I can say is hopefully it's just a build quality issue and you get a good batch cause I've not had any issues with mine. I was initially a little disappointed with the sound, but after use either it's improved or I've settled. As for volume, I've not got any complaints and as for the waterproofing, it lives in the bathroom windowsill which is in spray/splashing distance of the shower and is still going strong.

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