HI all, am seeking recommendations for a device to play back podcasts.
It'll be an Xmas present for my dad who has recently retired, and he is not very tech literate.

To complicate matters, he does not want a smartphone (at least, not to use as a phone) as he likes his big-button feature phone just fine.
However, i am considering a new or used "smartphone" simply as a podcast player, though extra features are definitely a NEGATIVE.

Ideally :-
approx 3 to 4 inches screen, and not much bigger body.
Bluetooth (for the car)
WiFi (to get new podcasts whilst at home)
Probably android-based, so i can use apps I am familiar with, although as long as the device can find and update podcasts then thats good enough.
Under £50
A simple user interface.

Should i just go with a smartphone and disable / uninstall everything, or is there another way to go?