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Thread: Best curve television

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    Best curve television

    Hi all,

    I am search for a new television, because I want to replace my old television (I bought it 10 years ago!!!). I was thinking of buying a curve television, but I was hoping that any of you could advise me in the best television.
    I am looking for a smart television for Netflix and other streaming services. Also, I am looking for a curve tv with a max. price of £1200 and a minimum of 40 inch.

    Does anyone know some good options?

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    Re: Best curve television

    In addition to this, is it actually worth it to purchase a curve tv?

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    Re: Best curve television

    When I went TV shopping in November there were so few curved TVs on show 5 at most and none of them were high spec if quality is a factor. I'd expect these to die out by next year. So if you adapt to a curvature there maybe none available come your next purchase. Just food for thought

    Most TVs are now SMART so you're pretty well covered there.
    At 40 inch 1200 is an excellent budget you should be able to get a very high quality one for that.
    Honestly I would go to Currys and see what's there. Everyone's eyes are different so I pick up motion stutter really well.
    I picked about 3 TVs I liked then researched them back at home looking at reviews how to calibrate etc...
    If your eyes can't see motion blur, stuttering etc.. then any would probably do.

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