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Thread: CCTV Recommendations

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    CCTV Recommendations

    Hello, I’ve seen some older threads regarding this, and am wondering if anyone has any updated recommendations on a complete CCTV expandable setup.

    I’m looking for POE support and at least 4MP to cover the front and back of the house. I’ve looked at Reolink (they usually have an offer for an 8 port NVR with 4 x5MP cams around £380) in the past, but have been a put off by them indicating that their NVR only works with their cameras (which I though sounded like rubbish as I’m sure that their cameras support ONVIF).

    It’s a huge minefield for the initiated. Any suggestions?


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    Re: CCTV Recommendations

    I use a webcam connected to a PC ( you can buy a DELL / HP i3 one for £40 off ebay ). I then have a software installed that records it and saves it to a certain folder. My Box account then syncs that folder every 30 mins.

    Make sure your Windows account is password protected, so even if a thief nicks your PC, they can't access your Box account.

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