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Thread: Wanting a decent solar USB powerbanks/charger

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    Wanting a decent solar USB powerbanks/charger

    I'm wanting to keep an eye on our chicken coop at night and have a Pi with motioneye installed and some IR lights. I'd like to make it sort-of self sufficient so thought I could hook up a solar panel to trickle charge and mains charge if it ever needs a boost (its the UK, I'm not expecting much sun)

    Looking at ebay the results are all ridiculous 75billion mah packs so clearly the quality is going to be awful.

    Are there any half decent ones anyone can recommend ?
    Would need to power a pi zero + cam + 2 IR Leds (I can't seem to find how much power that'd be but I think the Pi is ~100mah and the Leds are 3W each)


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    Re: Wanting a decent solar USB powerbanks/charger

    I have a charger that can handle up to 8 iPhone charges without plugging in, search Amazon and you'll find tons of them, they cost around 30 dollars. :Telefone:

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    Re: Wanting a decent solar USB powerbanks/charger

    I'd expect most of the power banks with integrated solar panels to be pretty rubbish to be honest - even with a high quality solar panel, the sort of power you can get from one that small is very limited. In many of those ebay ones, they don't even bother connecting it! Not to mention that leaving such a power bank in full sun is going to heat it up quite a lot i.e. not ideal for the batteries.

    If supplying mains power is inconvenient, it might be an idea to rig up a proper portable solar panel to a sealed lead acid battery and use that to power your equipment.

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    Re: Wanting a decent solar USB powerbanks/charger

    think most of the solar panels on them are poor or last time i looked would take forever to charge the power bank up

    yeah maybe one of the car solar panels.... they are normally like 10-20watts and a car battery

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