I thought about Sonos too, and have been looking at their new speakers for a different room. For the TV, our main purpose is really just trying to get clear voices. Even the Polk is irritatingly expensive on top of a £1000+ for the TV. If I go up to £500 for Sonos .... well, where do I stop?

For listening to music, I can kinda stomach spending on good speakers and, as I relax to music laying on the bed a lot, there I might indulge. But the soundbar is really about clear dialog. The wife isn't hugely bothered about surround anyway, and I don't watch that much in the way of films in the lounge.

It's hard to explain why apparently contradictory motivations actually make sense, but they sorta do.

I think it's the Polk for the lounge, but those music-focussed speakers in the bedroom? Hmmm. Maybe KEF LSX-IIs? At least the voices on the bedroom TV should be damn clear.