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Thread: DVD Player w/ Surround sound...

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    DVD Player w/ Surround sound...

    Ok. I've just picked up a nice 29" sony trinitron tv (like that one) for cheap, and I'm going to buy a shuttle to replace this current rig.. Basically I would like to get a DVD player so that i can watch dvds (woah really?) on the TV, with surround sound to turn my room into a mini cinema but also have the surround sound for the shuttle...

    At home we've got a philips dvd/surround system, and on the back are inputs for both coax and optical in - so im guessing that i could plug the output from my pc (either coax or optical, think the shuttle i want has both) and get some surround sound via that. However that one belongs to my dad. So what dvd/surround combo things do you reccommend? If i said budget of £200? Make me some suggestions guys


    eg this one ? £200, only thing lacking (apparently) is there is no progressive scan for PAL.. which means what?
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    richersounds have a very good toshiba one on half price for aobut £200 at hte mo

    progresive scan is only any good if your tv can handle it, which if your telly is more htan 2 or 3 years old it wont. it wont make much of a difference on a 28" set anyways (you notice the difference more on a larger set) | I have sigs turned off..

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