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Thread: Shure E4c vs HD595 Cans

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    Shure E4c vs HD595 Cans

    As the titel says which is better? I will be using them for PC gaming and music...

    I am looking for advice from owners and audiophiles

    P.S. I have 2 pair of E2c's right now but I need more bass...
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    I have 595s and love them to death. Very comfortable for long periods and sound is amazing. You hear things in music that you didn't know existed(more subtle things).

    Never tried the E4c's so cannot give a direct comparision. All I can say is that I have never regretted buying the 595's and I use them all the time for games and music.
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    I would rule the E4 out for home use, unless you are really concerned about disturbing others. Personally, I have a overall general preference for "open" cans.

    The other thing is, IEMs are generally not known for their soundstage, which is most likely important in games.
    I find that you are paying a premium for the isolation and portability in in IEMs. I would still use my Westone UM2 when I am traveling in train/plane etc. but I am still looking to get myself a Grados for home use right now.

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