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Thread: What is the best package for a variety of home services?

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    What is the best package for a variety of home services?

    I wasn't entirely sure which forum section to put this in as it covers a few areas, but here goes. A friend of mine is moving home shortly and is contemplating which services to get when she moves in to her new place next month.

    She is looking for:
    • Home Telephone (as basic as possible)
    • Broadband (2mb - 8mb)
    • Digital TV (inc. Sky Movies)
    • Mobile Phone Contract

    With those four in mind, she's wondering what's the best way of going about it? With so many companies offering some sort of bundle now (e.g. Sky TV and Broadband), she is shopping around for the best deals. Likewise with NTL offering multiple services.

    Having had a look around for her, I've found the following combination works quite well:
    • Home Telephone - BT, £10 per month line rental
    • Broadband - Orange Unlimited Broadband, £5 per month (if she gets an Orange Contract worth £35 per month)
    • Digital TV - Sky TV inc Sky Movies, £34 per month
    • Mobile Phone - Orange Contract - £35 per month

    If she were to get those services, she would have a normal BT line to use for incoming calls only. She would have a brand new free mobile phone and get 550 anytime minutes and unlimited texts for £35 per month on an 18 month contract. As a result of taking out that contract she would get Orange Unlimited Broadband for £5 per month, that would give her 8mb broadband, a wireless Livebox and free national calls and calls to Orange mobiles at anytime via her Livebox. Add to that Sky TV and Sky Movies for £34 per month and it's everything on her requirements.

    It does total up to a grand £84 per month, but considering what she'd be getting it may not be a bad deal. Judging by some of the prices I've worked out for her, I'm now contemplating changing my own services! Can anybody think of any cheaper combinations or alternatives?

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    have a look at the newly named virgin media(prev ntl:telewest) as they are offering this exact type of package(all 4 tv, bb, phone and mobile).
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    yup all 4 for £40 but adding movies would cost £16 iirc?
    Would have to be in a cabled area though to get the TV.

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    Whatever you do don't get Sky Broadband. Chap I work with signed up with Sky broadband in ~Nov and they've only just got it working. He tried to cancel it after a month of waiting and they still haven't managed to release the line so he can go with BT.
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