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Thread: Printer woes.

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    Printer woes.

    Ok Ill get straight to the point as I'm rather frustrated, now my current printer is a Epson c70 plus and is around 4-5 years old (2nd hand from a family member) now during that time its been working great although I don't use it that much, now its started to give me trouble and I think its on the way out if I want to print out a color document it will come out in pink the whole thing I've even done a black square in paint and it came out as a pink square, now if changed the cartridges twice I've done all the head cleaning/realignment and the like, I've un-installed/re-installed software/drivers more times than I can count, I've also tried it on two different computers and still get the same result so I'm thinking that I'm in need of a new printer unless I'm forgetting anything else, so any suggests around the sub £150 mark for decent photo prints.

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    no suggestions. but the epson is indeedy screwed, the only epson iv ever used that hasnt starting to screw up colours before dieing totally is the R220 that im using at the moment. the majority of the printers in the office as i speak are useless for colour printing.

    but there cheap and the carts are like £1 each, thats why we use them.

    im actually very impressed with the R22 tho, its coping well
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    try contacting epson help desk
    other web site may help
    does sound if its died but try cleaning heads as if not used often it can block up and internal tool may not work properly
    try cotton but with white spirit on it but gently over top of heads or is there alot of ink around cartridge base may give a clue if heads are grubby or force alot of colour through nozzel with high density picture or block colors.
    cleaned up a c60 and worked fine

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