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Thread: Will corsair replace components damaged by a leaking closed loop cooler?

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    Will corsair replace components damaged by a leaking closed loop cooler?

    I've read a disturbing story chronicled with pictures. The story is here if you are interested in reading the full details. Basically his closed loop cooler leaked fluid and destroyed a lot of stuff inside the pc. The cooler is made by coolit which happens to be the actual manufacturers of corsair's closed loop systems.

    The disturbing part was the way coolit treated this customer basically asking him questions to seemingly try and put the blame on him. After he gives them every answer and every picture they want they refuse to refund all the damage they did to the motherboard graphics card etc. Now obviously corsair isnt coolit but it is the same cooler more or less.

    My question is, if I buy a corsair closed loop cooler and because of a defect in the cooler it leaks and destroys components in my pc is corsair going to do the same thing as coolit and leave me with the bill or will they step up and pay for everything their cooler damaged? I think a good clear answer to this question will help almost everyone make a decision if they are considering one of your closed loop coolers.

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    Re: Will corsair replace components damaged by a leaking closed loop cooler?

    Leak issues are the least reports we have come across with our coolers. Although they are rare, in an event it had happened, they are treated on a case to case basis depending on its merits. We do have a Damage Claim process that handles cooler leak reports. Along the process, If there is enough data to suggest that the cooler leaked due to its own hardware defect or mechanical malfunction, then we will more than happy to compensate you for the components that had been damaged due the cooler being faulty.. In short, If the cooler leaks and we found out that it was all the cooler and you didn't tamper with it... rest assured that we'll handle your case promptly and accordingly.

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